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Prohibition - Stuffed pigs
Prohibition - Stuffed pigs
Stuffed Pigs Prohibition Style
Stuffed Pigs Prohibition Style
The Blackfoot Country : Newspaper article with a letter written by a Cariboo miner examining the state of the Blackfoot Coun
The Blackfoot Country
Edwards Remembers 1885 : An interesting outlook on progress in our area over the last 14 years by one of the first settlers i
Edwards Remembers 1885
Local Colour : Newspaper article in form of a letter telling friend of chinese cigars clearing evils out of body an
Local Colour
Christian Chinaman : Christian Chinaman quits working for white family after they have an evening of cards and wine.
Christian Chinaman
Illegal Whiskey : Mounted police private overhears conversation in french language about an illegal still, arresting s
Illegal Whiskey
Natal Liquor Store Fire : Wholesale liquor store, hotel and gents furnishing store were burned in fire at Natal.
Natal Liquor Store Fire
Irish Drunks : Irish people have been named the most drunken race in Christendom.
Irish Drunks
Town Baseball Games : A song and spoofed update on baseball game played between Cranbrooks bankers and lawyers.
Town Baseball Games
Peck Swears Off : Newspaper excerpt Nelson Daily News - carrying a poem of former staff member of Ymir Mirror with his
Peck Swears Off
Circus : Cranbrooks' Post Office and liquor store had brisk business when the circus people decided to buy po
Printer Fred Turnbull : Former Cranbrook resident and worker of Cranbrook Herald visits Lethbridge on business, well known f
Printer Fred Turnbull
Kaslo Cigars : Holland Brothers cigar factory
Kaslo Cigars
Name That Logger
Name That Logger