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Waterworks : Newspaper article reporting on the contract for the building of a dam for the Moyie waterworks.
CPR Superintendents House : Reporting that CPR superintendent is connecting his residence with the CPR waterworks.
CPR Superintendents House
Works Report 1930 : Annual report by City Superintendent for Water, Sewers, Streets, Sidewalks, Drainage, Street Mainten
Works Report 1930
Cranbrook - Relief : Cranbrook to receive $24,000 to go towards public works undertaken by unemployment relief workers.
Cranbrook - Relief
Review of Progress : Review of Cranbrook and district's progress during 1911 and outlook for 1912.
Review of Progress
City Works Report : Cranbrook Civic Department presents annual report for 1929 with subzero weather and no snow protecti
City Works Report
Pipe Making Plant : City of Cranbrook makes a good investment when purchasing a pipe making machine, supplying city wate
Pipe Making Plant
Kaslo Utilities : Kaslo waterworks to come shortly
Kaslo Utilities
Kaslo Notes : Kaslo developing and has some fire protection.
Kaslo Notes
Nob Hill Settlement : Nob Hill becoming the preferred section of Kaslo.
Nob Hill Settlement
Trail Pamphlet : Great description of very early Trail and of transportation to that city.
Trail Pamphlet
Town Notes : Trail developing as streets are cleared and a bridge built.
Town Notes