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Valemount Water System
Valemount Water System
Valemount Water System
Valemount Water System
Valemount Water System
Valemount Water System
Kimberley Water System
Kimberley Water System
Salary Increase Granted Principal : Coverage of the Cranbrook School Board meeting, discussion of increased budgets.
Salary Increase Granted Principal
Bowling Alley Building : Work being started on a new building which will house bowling alleys.
Bowling Alley Building
Water System Upgrade : Newspaper article covering the much needed water works in the town of Cranbrook. Three options are l
Water System Upgrade
Windermere Mines : Article reporting on the ongoing good reports coming from the mines in Windermere district.
Windermere Mines
Fort Steele Mining : Reporting on the town of Cranbrook as future capital of S.E. Kootenay is nearing completion of surve
Fort Steele Mining
Beer In Coal Creek Club House : Reporting on a beer system installed in the new club house.
Beer In Coal Creek Club House
Tourist Park : Tourist Park had two new bungalows completed.
Tourist Park
Wasa Airport : Ongoing airport construction work near Ta Ta Creek to be used as an emergency field by the Departmen
Wasa Airport
Cranbrook Storm Sewer : 6 years from start to completion, Cranbrook storm sewers final link working.
Cranbrook Storm Sewer
Cranbrook Hatchery : Cranbrook Hatchery annual meeting reporting record egg collection and distribution figures.
Cranbrook Hatchery
Local Colour : Newspaper article in form of a letter telling friend of chinese cigars clearing evils out of body an
Local Colour
Works Report 1930 : Annual report by City Superintendent for Water, Sewers, Streets, Sidewalks, Drainage, Street Mainten
Works Report 1930
Chinatown Fire : Local man charged with starting fire in Chinatown, which caused damage to many buildings and razed s
Chinatown Fire
Cranbrook System Survey : Cranbrook water system survey from St. Joseph's creek commenced and should take six weeks to complet
Cranbrook System Survey
Cranbrook Water Co. : Cranbrook Water Company applied to Supreme Court of B.C. to construct and operate a water works syst
Cranbrook Water Co.
City Council : Cranbrook City Council meeting considering a public auction for property that was reverted to City d
City Council
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