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Travel To Big Bend : Includes important telegrams reporting the harsh winter conditions of Big Bend Country. Telegram to
Travel To Big Bend
Police Business : On arrest of runaway couple from Blairmore after her husband telegrammed ahead to report their arriv
Police Business
Kootenay Central Railway : Article reporting the immediate construction of the Kootenay Central railway.
Kootenay Central Railway
Seen As Important : Telegram received from Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works agreeing to grant money for wagon road
Seen As Important
Change to Provincial Police : Mayor and five Aldermen resign in what they consider is a vote of nonconfidence in their contemplati
Change to Provincial Police
Wardner Notes : First train of cars to cross Kootenay River, ferry across river now charges, comings and goings of W
Wardner Notes
Cranbrook Schools : Meeting of Cranbrook School Trustees with teachers salaries and other bills presented and paid, as w
Cranbrook Schools
Board of Trade : American Ambassador to Germany not able to include Cranbrook in his visit.
Board of Trade
The Auditorium : New managers of Auditorium Theatre have secured big musical extravaganza for their opening show.
The Auditorium
Military Deserters : Military escort on way to Cranbrook to take charge of two deserters held there.
Military Deserters
Air Force : Telegram received by Dr. Green of Cranbrook asking for men of certain trades to apply for the Royal
Air Force
Halifax Explosion : Cranbrook Mayor Clapp telegraphed Mayor of Halifax asking what they needed to assist them after the
Halifax Explosion
Victory Bonds : One person out of every ten in Canada bought Victory Bonds.
Victory Bonds
Oriental Labour : Toronto Telegram voices its opinion on British Columbias troubles with oriental cheap labor.
Oriental Labour
German Denial : Germany say to have proof that Hesperian was destroyed by a mine, not by one of their submarines.
German Denial
Charlie McCowan : Another Cranbrook boy receives serious wounds and is hospitalized with a gunshot wound in the head.
Charlie McCowan
Cranbrook Rotary : Cranbrook Rotary Clubs weekly luncheon with speaker "Dad" Worden telling of his pioneer days in Calg
Cranbrook Rotary
Airport Construction : Cranbrook City Council receives telegram informing them a license for the airport will be granted wh
Airport Construction
Successful Lobbying : Transporting ore to river.
Successful Lobbying
Tramway Trouble : Dispute between Mr. Heinze and D.C. Corbin regarding construction of the Trail Creek Tramway.
Tramway Trouble
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