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Kootenay Mines Report : Article with letters from various individuals with reports on the Kootenay Mines. Featured is a rep
Kootenay Mines Report
Big Bend Travel : Article stating Big Bend to be the most extensive, as well as least expensive mines yet opened in BC
Big Bend Travel
Route To Big Bend : Newspaper article with correspondence between A.C. Anderson and J. Robertson Stewart on the distance
Route To Big Bend
The Sullivan Mine : A newspaper report stating that the new Superintendent of the Sullivan Mine, C.W.Burdsell, had initi
The Sullivan Mine
Ammonia Killer Pool : Reporting on one the mysteries of nature found in the Selkirks, a pool whose fumes bring death to ma
Ammonia Killer Pool
Cranbrook Airport : Llight beam added to air station will revolve a finger of 3,000,000 candle power of reflected light
Cranbrook Airport
Moir Park & Horsemen : Newspaper article delegation from Kootenay Light Horse Show Association and Maverick Riding Club req
Moir Park & Horsemen
Local Color : Newspaper article in form of a letter describing shantytowns of immigrants throught Nelson.
Local Color
Climbing Mount Fisher : Fisher Peak scaled by amateur climbers using easiest way but still took 10 hours.
Climbing Mount Fisher
Hate Letter : Letter to the editor from England remarking how Chinese in Canada never become citizens and lower wa
Hate Letter
Appeal Tribunal : Hearing of appeals against decisions of Local Military Tribunal No. 26, Cranbrook, for locals who fe
Appeal Tribunal
East Kootenay Survey : Correspondent makes a trip through the East Kootenay and tells the story of the future that awaits t
East Kootenay Survey
Calgary Show : Sells-Floto Circus and Buffalo Bill Wild West shows arriving in Calgary.
Calgary Show
Calgary Elephant Stampede : After stampeding through Edmonton, elephants again stampede when being offloaded in Calgary.
Calgary Elephant Stampede
Miss Macleod Fire : Miss Macleod's store gutted by fire, fire brigade saves a large portion of Cranbrooks business distr
Miss Macleod Fire
Marvellous Creston : Creston has proved it is remarkable fertile for growing fruit, but many don't know that Mr. Rykert w
Marvellous Creston
Review of Progress : Review of Cranbrook and district's progress during 1911 and outlook for 1912.
Review of Progress
Cranbrook Development : Newspaper excerpt Nelson News - annual review on Cranbrook and district.
Cranbrook Development
Cranbrook Rotary : Cranbrook Rotarians actively preparing for the first annual Rotary Minstrel and speech of some thing
Cranbrook Rotary
Fink Mercantile Shoes : Fink Mercantile creates a modern show department to meet a growing demand from Cranbrook and distric
Fink Mercantile Shoes
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