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Saskatchewan Settlers Land Agency
Saskatchewan Settlers Land Agency
Flathead Oil : Reporting on the abundance of high grade oil in Pincher Creek Oil Fields. People can pretty well sc
Flathead Oil
Chinese Place : Newspaper excerpt Rossland World - recent debate in B.C. House of Commons had a letter produced by B
Chinese Place
Dewdney Trail : Newspaper excerpt Spokane Review - interviews ex-Governor George Dewdney on the reasoning behind and
Dewdney Trail
CPR Land Sales : CPR owning three million acres of land in B.C. has decided to spend four and a half million dollars
CPR Land Sales
Binning, Photographer : Newspaper excerpt Barrie Examiner - former Cranbrook resident and photographer opens new photograph
Binning, Photographer
Banff-Windermere Highway : Banff-Windermere highway soon to be opened for public transport, but first a party of writers and ca
Banff-Windermere Highway
Doukhobors : Col. Lister of Creston speaks in Victoria telling how the Doukhobors, especially the Sons of Freedom