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Americans Slam Kootenay Mines : Article stating how American newspaper slammed the Kootenay mines for taxing American prospectors tr
Americans Slam Kootenay Mines
Big Bend Mining Laws : Miners meeting to lay their claims over til June 1st, hoping Government will respect their actions.
Big Bend Mining Laws
Fearful Suffering : First hand account detailing the painful sufferings of a prospecting party in Montana Territory. Aft
Fearful Suffering
Big Bend : Newspaper article stating the Chamber of Commerce has put together a publication to promote the Big
Big Bend
Appointment of Gold Commissioners : Coverage of the House of Assembly's discussion on the appointment of three Gold Commissioners for th
Appointment of Gold Commissioners
Claims Held Over : Covers the Gold Commissioners decision on Big Bend claims.
Claims Held Over
Baker, James : Newspaper article stating that the colonel was on his way home, also stating that the goverment offi
Baker, James
The Kuskanook Road : Newspaper article reporting that the boards of trade are pushing for the completion of the southern
The Kuskanook Road
Gyro Club : Article reporting on a Nelson man being elected as new District Gyro Governor.
Gyro Club
Politics : Reporting on the forming of a Central Liberal Organization for the Cranbrook district.
South Ward School : Cranbrook Boy Scouts association received favorable reply from Department of Education to lease Sout
South Ward School
Chinese Miners : Newspaper article certificate on competency required of each coal miner proving he is sufficiently c
Chinese Miners
Lively Session Of Council : Last council session before elections of new year of councillors. Proves to be a lively session, wit
Lively Session Of Council
Cranbrook - Police : Former Cranbrook Mayor makes statement regarding preliminaries leading up to his and three aldermens
Cranbrook - Police
Change to Provincial Police : Mayor and five Aldermen resign in what they consider is a vote of nonconfidence in their contemplati
Change to Provincial Police
Change To Provincial Police : Returning to their seats after resigning, Mayor and Aldermen vote 5 to 2 in favor of turning Cranbro
Change To Provincial Police
Chinese Exclusion : New Denver citizens meet to discuss letting Chinese into their camp to work. After discussions dele
Chinese Exclusion
Board of Trade : Board of Trade held special meeting discussing important matters including dealing with tourist traf
Board of Trade
Farmers Institute : Annual meeting of Cranbrook Farmers' Institute elected directors and officers for coming year.
Farmers Institute
Chinese Discrimination : Newspaper article Mr. Dunsmuir of Wellington Colliery Company advertising for white miners to take p
Chinese Discrimination
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