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Railway Washout at Canoe River
Railway Washout at Canoe River
Church Hiking Group
Church Hiking Group
Church Hiking Group
Church Hiking Group
Bad Rapids at Rearguard
Bad Rapids at Rearguard
Ford Automobile Ad
Ford Automobile Ad
Official Report On Kootenay : Coverage of the official trip to Kootenay Country by Colonial Secretary Birch. A very complete desc
Official Report On Kootenay
Blackfoot City : Newspaper article stating the rapid rise of the major city of Helena Mo. Good description of Helena
Blackfoot City
Big Bend Route : Newspaper article with Letter to the Editor from Alex. C. Anderson stating his opinion of the variou
Big Bend Route
Route To Big Bend : Newspaper article with correspondence between A.C. Anderson and J. Robertson Stewart on the distance
Route To Big Bend
Oregon Route To Big Bend : Article with exerpt from the Dalles Mountaineer featuring condensed version of the route to Big Bend
Oregon Route To Big Bend
Lumber Industry : Reporting on constantly increasing demand upon Kootenay mills due to rapid growth in home markets in
Lumber Industry
Lumbering : Article reporting on the profitable business lumbering has become.
Cranbrook Growth : Comparing Cranbrook 1898 to 1899, where speculation on the city has turned into reality.
Cranbrook Growth
Sullivan Mine : Reporting on the first wagon load of ore being shipped from the Sullivan Mine, with the whole town c
Sullivan Mine
Statement of Intent : East Kootenay Miner intent on making the paper one of the best sources of information in East Kooten
Statement of Intent
Fort Steele-Kalispell : Reporting on the construction of a telegraph line between Fort Steele and Kalispell.
Fort Steele-Kalispell
Route Surveying : Describing the trials and tribulations of two men travelling from Lethbridge to Fort Steele, report
Route Surveying
West Fernie Growth : Reporting on the growth of delightful suburb of Fernie, free of city taxes and land costs increasing
West Fernie Growth
Peter Lund Recalls Frank Slide : Newspaper excerpt from Lethbridge Herald - with account of railway workers who just missed being bur
Peter Lund Recalls Frank Slide
Airport Upgrades : Reporting on ongoing work at Cranbrook Airport leveling bumpy field to extend runway.
Airport Upgrades
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