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Train Accident
Train Accident
Moyie Autoists : Newspaper article reporting an automobile accident west of Moyie. Also reporting the opening of a ne
Moyie Autoists
Wardner : Crow's Nest Pass Railway line now completed to Wardner, making it a boom town with many residents an
Annie Egan : 9 year old daughter of railway contractor died after falling off her horse and being dragged when he
Annie Egan
Auto Accident : Former Fernie man killed in automobile accident.
Auto Accident
Brown Accident : Cranbrook resident who loses both hands in a railway accident opens a tobacco store and pool room.
Brown Accident
Accident Report : Reporting on railway accident near Wardner which injured the Engineer and Conductor but killed the B
Accident Report
Coroner Report : Updating health of two men hurt in collision of trains near Wardner, and the results of a coroners i
Coroner Report
Storm and Wreck : C.P.R. service of Crow's Nest line hampered by severe storms on the prairie and several wrecks, one
Storm and Wreck
Kimberley Railway Accident
Kimberley Railway Accident
CPR Railway Accident at Moyie
CPR Railway Accident at Moyie
James Powers : James Powers, C.P.R. fireman dies at age 22 in a drowning accident when canoe he was in turned over,
James Powers
Barge Mishap : Newspaper excerpt Nelson Tribune - reporting on a number of dismissals took place of local C.P.R. st
Barge Mishap
Auto Safety : Urging drivers to have more care crossing train tracks with many examples of accidents due to carele
Auto Safety