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Cranbrook Plumbing, Tinsmithing and Heating Co. Ad
Cranbrook Plumbing, Tinsmithing and Heating Co. Ad
Queens Hotel
Queens Hotel
Queens Hotel
Queens Hotel
Club Cafe Ad
Club Cafe Ad
Comparative Fares : An article stating the distances, costs and hours to travel to the Big Bend and Bridger River or Car
Comparative Fares
Herald Building : Purchase of Herald Building by former Tourist Hotel propietor at Bull River.
Herald Building
City Bakery : A newspaper ad reporting tha fresh baked goods and produce are kept on hand constantly at the City B
City Bakery
Fort Steele Bakery : The Fort Steele Bakery, stressing its location.
Fort Steele Bakery
Grez the Barber : Advertisement for Al Grez, hairstyling/shaving.
Grez the Barber
Charles Howard : On the serious illness of Howard, proprietor of the Herald building.
Charles Howard
Competitor Tourist Park : Reporting on the opening of the "ideal" Tourist Park for the season.
Competitor Tourist Park
Fred Roo : Reporting on whirlwind visit from all-around hustler from Phillipps.
Fred Roo
Candy Kitchen Opens : Newspaper article and advertisement telling of new candy kitchen opening to supply candies, nuts, fr
Candy Kitchen Opens
Kimberley Notes : Reporting on lastest Kimberley news, including ongoing shipments from the Sullivan mine with anticip
Kimberley Notes
Kootenay House : Hotel that is headquarters for commercial and mining men, convenient to railway depot and steamboat
Kootenay House
Spillimacheen Hotel : Hotel with choice wines, liquors and cigars.
Spillimacheen Hotel
Dalgardno Hotel : Hotel with choice wines, liquors and cigars.
Dalgardno Hotel
Steele House : Hotel in Fort Steele considered travellers headquarters with first class liquors and cigars and the
Steele House
Columbia House : Central hotel, midway between Golden and Fort Steele, offering good cuisine, choice liquors and good
Columbia House
Aikens Block Sale : Reporting on one of the most important real estate deals in Cranbrook.
Aikens Block Sale
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