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R. McNair c.1925
R. McNair c.1925
Report from Wild Horse : Newspaper article featuring an extensive Gold Commissioner's Report from Wild Horse. Discusses numb
Report from Wild Horse
Cranbrook Realty Property Transfers : Newspaper article detailing the large number of property transfers being effected lately.
Cranbrook Realty Property Transfers
Wentworth Hotel : Real estate is very busy. Business properties in demand.
Wentworth Hotel
Tax Sales : Newspaper article listing Fort Steele properties listed for public auction. Lists the names of owne
Tax Sales
Wasa Hotel Burns : Reporting on a fire at the Wasa Hotel. Landmark reduced to an ash heap.
Wasa Hotel Burns
Worden Property Sold : Reporting sale of residential property to Mr. Trozzo, with speculation of turning it into a duplex.
Worden Property Sold
Wardner Gypsum Mine : Article detailing short tunnel being made to ascertain the extent of mineral body in Wardner.
Wardner Gypsum Mine
B.A.C. Company : Reporting on the extensive mining operations soon to start up at two locations in the area.
B.A.C. Company
Water System Upgrade : Newspaper article covering the much needed water works in the town of Cranbrook. Three options are l
Water System Upgrade
Mining Potential : Now that the Crow's Nest line is completed, the Kootenays are no longer handicapped and the mining i
Mining Potential
New Gold Fields Syndicate : A syndicate from London, England has secured a bond on groups of mines on Sullivan hill.
New Gold Fields Syndicate
Windermere Mines : Article reporting on the ongoing good reports coming from the mines in Windermere district.
Windermere Mines
Cranbrook Incorporation : Article opinioning Cranbrook should be incorporated.
Cranbrook Incorporation
International Development Co. : One of the latest legitimate development companies that has recently commenced business in the area.
International Development Co.
Aikens Block Sale : Reporting on one of the most important real estate deals in Cranbrook.
Aikens Block Sale
Wardner Relief : Newspaper letter to the Editor - condemning earlier letter from citizen wanting relief work wages cu
Wardner Relief
Owner Uren At Council : Newspaper article after being prevailed upon to advance a sum of money for a first mortgage on old f
Owner Uren At Council
Cranbrook Gardens Entry Form : Entry form for Cranbrook Junior Chamber of Commerce Garden Competition with most of entry fee donate
Cranbrook Gardens Entry Form
Cranbrook Gardens : Results of garden competition put on by Cranbrook Junior Chamber of Commerce in order to beautify th
Cranbrook Gardens
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