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Project Society : Newspaper article Cranbrook Lions Club pledged $10,000 over a three year period towards the city's n
Project Society
Joint Club Council : Newspaper article Joint Service Club Council established to co-ordinate fund raising activities of t
Joint Club Council
Favoured By Property Owners : Newspaper article Fort Steele property owners in favour of provincial government proposal to return
Favoured By Property Owners
Creston Soldiers Colony : National Service Board urged to have government drain 25,000 acres and settle returned heroes on lan
Creston Soldiers Colony
Pool Fundraiser : Cranbrook Kinsmen Club pledge 90% of proceeds from the raffle of a new 1969 Pontiac to go to the Cra
Pool Fundraiser
The Aftermath : Armistice Day poem from a soldier's point of view.
The Aftermath
Cranbrook Rotary : Cranbrook Rotary Club luncheon topped the list for genuine hospitality and good fellowship.
Cranbrook Rotary
Gyro Convention : Cranbrook and Kimberley Gyros jointly entertained visiting Gryo dignataries and ask for the 1932 Dis
Gyro Convention
Catholic Church : Catholics organizing to build a church.
Catholic Church
Telegraphic Strike : Newspaper
Telegraphic Strike