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Sullivan Camp Orchestra
Sullivan Camp Orchestra
Bruce Robinson
Bruce Robinson
Orpheum Theatre Opens
Orpheum Theatre Opens
Robinsons Orchestra Ad
Robinsons Orchestra Ad
Music Teacher Ad
Music Teacher Ad
Cranbrook School Concert : Newspaper article covering the Central School concert in Cranbrook, listing the program and names of
Cranbrook School Concert
Windermere Autoists : Article reporting on the glorious time 135 men and women from the Federation of Canadian Teachers ha
Windermere Autoists
Mount Baker Hotel Rehearsal Room : Newly organized Cranbrook Amateur Orchestra organization held meeting to elect officers and discuss
Mount Baker Hotel Rehearsal Room
Nurses Graduate : St. Eugene Hospital held dance for graduating class for nurses.
Nurses Graduate
Labor Day Kimberley : Running, jumping, baseball and other games were played during Labour day in Kimberley, with many Cra
Labor Day Kimberley
The Auditorium : Two young Lethbridge gentlemen completed negotiations to lease the Auditorium Theatre in Cranbrook,
The Auditorium
Chinese Plays : No Chinese women are allowed on stage by decree of an Empress from 1736.
Chinese Plays
Cranbrook - Firsts : Initial dance of the Royal Harmony Boys, a Cranbrook orchestra composed of local musicians, was poor
Cranbrook - Firsts
Wardner Autoists : Comings and goings of residents and guests from Wardner, including lots of young people attending a
Wardner Autoists
Armistice Day : Armistice Day Ball held at Cranbrook Auditorium.
Armistice Day
Theatres-Photographers : Mr. Nelson taking motion pictures of Scandinavian orchestra, with musical accompaniment.
New Buildings First Anniversary : Special services, banquet and lecture were well attended at the 1 year anniversary for the United Ba
New Buildings First Anniversary
Annual Ball in Auditorium : Cranbrook Gyro Clubs upcoming annual ball to be held in the Auditorium with five-piece orchestra and
Annual Ball in Auditorium
Aunt Lucia : Cranbrook talents showcased in successful production put on by Gyro Club.
Aunt Lucia
Gyro Ball : Cranbrook Gyro Club putting all their energies into getting ready for their annual ball being held i
Gyro Ball
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