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Circus Cranbrook : Circus man's remains sent home after being killed by an elephant, second man at same circus to be ki
Circus Cranbrook
Wycliffe Bridge Movie : Local photo studio takes moving pictures of demolition of old Wycliffe bridge after new Wycliffe bri
Wycliffe Bridge Movie
Climbing Mount Fisher : Fisher Peak scaled by amateur climbers using easiest way but still took 10 hours.
Climbing Mount Fisher
The Auditorium : Two young Lethbridge gentlemen completed negotiations to lease the Auditorium Theatre in Cranbrook,
The Auditorium
Edison Theatre : Old Wentworth hall to be the site of Cranbrook's new Edison theatre, after being repainted and redec
Edison Theatre
Edison Theatre : Cranbrooks new Edison Theater will exhibit the newest, latest, most up-to-date and realistic shows a
Edison Theatre
Edison Theatre : Cranbrooks Edison theatre opens with a moving picture and illustrated song for nearly 300 people.
Edison Theatre
Edison Theatre : With detailed programme of upcoming performances at Cranbrooks new Edison Theatre.
Edison Theatre
Wentworth Hotel : Willis & Cosgrove of Calgary have rented the Wentworth hall and will run a continuous performance th
Wentworth Hotel
Auditorium Beginning : Two new business enterprises starting in Cranbrook, one being a second moving picture house and the
Auditorium Beginning
Star Theatre : Describing the decor of Cranbrooks' new Star Theatre which is to soon open its doors to the public.
Star Theatre
"Conflict" at the Star : Cranbrooks Rex and Star Theatres offering quality shows including moving picture "Conflict" at the S
C.P.R. Movie Documentaries : C.P.R. moving picture department in Kimberley on their trip to B.C. mines for the purpose of getting
C.P.R. Movie Documentaries
Cranbrook Theatres : {icture post cards can be seen at Palace Cigar store in Cranbrook, and local doctor erecting a moder
Cranbrook Theatres
Hall Block : Dr. Hall has architect Rossiter preparing plans for new building he is erecting on Baker Street in C
Hall Block
Cranbrook Rotary : Cranbrook Rotatians celebrate July 4th at Lumberton, with delegate from Los Angeles convention repor
Cranbrook Rotary
C.P.R. Documentary Movies : Kimberleys' Handley's Hall shows two screenings of moving pictures taken in and around the mine by C
C.P.R. Documentary Movies
Rex Theatre : Cranbrooks' Rex theatre features moving pictures of the Odd Fellows and Rebekahs picnic.
Rex Theatre
Movie "Timber" : Logging engineers DeWolf and Ham have 60 men constructing a dam at Bull River to be blown up during
Movie Work : Cranbrooks' City Transfer and Warehouse busy their dray business, with moving a six ton motor genera
Movie Work
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