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Anglican Church
Anglican Church
Craft Fair
Craft Fair
Chatsons Confectionary
Chatsons Confectionary
Chatsons Confectionary
Chatsons Confectionary
W.F. Tate : Article reporting on extensive improvements to pioneer jewellery store.
W.F. Tate
Harry Wright Expenses : Harry Wright details his election expenses incurred by him as a candidate for the Ymir riding of Wes
Harry Wright Expenses
Harry Wright MPP : Meeting of Ymir Liberal Conservative Association selected Harry Wright, M.P.P. as a delegate to atte
Harry Wright MPP
Kootenay Coffee Company : Nelson Coffee company doesn't supply groceries or provisions but specialize in teas and coffees.
Kootenay Coffee Company
Peck Swears Off : Newspaper excerpt Nelson Daily News - carrying a poem of former staff member of Ymir Mirror with his
Peck Swears Off
Post Office Improvements : Ymir postmaster has made extensive improvements to the post office.
Post Office Improvements
Wright Attends Legislature : Ymir M.P.P., Harry Wright leaves for Victoria to attend the local Legislature.
Wright Attends Legislature
Fire Hall : Fire in closet of residence in Ymir brings fire brigade but fire was already put out by another resi
Fire Hall
Ymir Hospital - Miss Gray : Nurse Gray, one of the most popular and efficient nurses at Ymir Hospital has quit.
Ymir Hospital - Miss Gray
Trout Lake Contract : Canadian Lumber and Sawmill Company, with headquarters at Trout Lake, B.C., had a contract for 100,0
Trout Lake Contract
Cranbrook District Creeks : Newspaper notice listing creeks in Cranbrook district urging everyone who had water rights on them i
Cranbrook District Creeks
First Nations Photography : Indian villages besieged by photographers anxious to secure perfect photographs of Indians, learned
First Nations Photography
Matt Armstrong, French Polisher : Old furniture repolished and mirrors resilvered at reasonable rates.
Matt Armstrong, French Polisher
Matt Armstrong Ad : French Polisher will repolish old furniture and resilver mirrors.
Matt Armstrong Ad
A.G. Wilmot Ad : A.G. Wilmot of Jaffray wanting a quick sale of furniture and household effects.
A.G. Wilmot Ad
Rex Theatre : Cranbrooks' Rex Theatre rapidly approaching completion with proceeds of initial performance to be gi
Rex Theatre