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Heavy Snowfall Cleanup
Heavy Snowfall Cleanup
Laundry Helper
Laundry Helper
Sam Tuies Laundry
Sam Tuies Laundry
Chinese Question : Article reporting on the "problem" of Chinese running businesses in town and their monopoly on the l
Chinese Question
School History : Reminiscing about the progress of the school in Cranbrook, from working out of a building to present
School History
Chinese Business : Advising customers that Wong Comedy has purchased laundry business from Wing Lee.
Chinese Business
W.H. Wilson Closes Jewellery : After 37 years in Jewellery business in Cranbrook, local jeweller sells off entire stock to focus hi
W.H. Wilson Closes Jewellery
White Only : No restaurant or hotel in Nelson employs Chinese help and efforts being made to establish a white la
White Only
Chinese Laundry : Washing and ironing very good, clothes called for and delivered.
Chinese Laundry
Chinese Horror : Newspaper article the order to squatter to clear off from Nelson streets and alleys were enforced, b
Chinese Horror
Two Fires : Defective chimneys caused two fires in Revelstoke in one week.
Two Fires
Cranbrook Police Court : Italian who claimed to have been rolled at Palmer Bar, out of luck in the courts.
Cranbrook Police Court
Mission Hospital : Iimprovements to St. Eugene Mission Hospital to include new buildings for a deadhouse and laundry et
Mission Hospital
The Chinese Scare : London England invaded by a host of Chinese laundrymen.
The Chinese Scare
Chinese Filthy : Chinaman commits suicide head downwards in a water barrel.
Chinese Filthy
Chinese Discrimination : Londoners beginning to fear a Chinese invasion as Chinamen are to be imported wholesale to work at a
Chinese Discrimination
Chinese Exclusion : Conflict of opinion between the Western Clarion, a Vancouver newspaper and mouthpiece of the labor e
Chinese Exclusion
Fire : B.C. Laundry Co. and adjoining stables completely destoyed by fire.
Chinese Laundry : Chinese laundryman busts contract for doing laundry for $4 a month, asking for $1 a week.
Chinese Laundry
White Laundry : Newspaper editorial stating that Donald needs a laundry, run by whites, which they figure will get t
White Laundry
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