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Kootenay Justice : Judge arriving at Kootenay to empty jail and clear docket as 3 men broke out of their jail cell and
Kootenay Justice
Imperial Hotel Stabbing : Reporting on Olson being given lenient jail time for earlier stabbing.
Imperial Hotel Stabbing
Ktunaxa Prosecutions : Charges brought against local Indians, one for resisting lawful search and the other for beating his
Ktunaxa Prosecutions
Board of Trade : Article reporting on the best Board of Trade meeting held in Cranbrook. One subject approved was to
Board of Trade
Corbin Strikers Convicted : 9 strikers get imprisonment after clash with police.
Corbin Strikers Convicted
Canal Flats : Owner of still from Canal Flat serving 3 month sentence in Nelson jail.
Canal Flats
Italian Violence : Newspaper article urge for stricter gun control and more searches on Italians for concealed weaponsa
Italian Violence
Goat River : Provincial government appropriated $500 for a lockup at Goat River.
Goat River
Police Court : Trials of drunks, disorderlies and other offenders agains the law.
Police Court
Cranbrook Notes : Noting ongoing constuction in Cranbrook and the heat wave it is experiencing, with mountain fires to
Cranbrook Notes
Cranbrook Notes : Cranbrook constable to Fort Steele to secure jail supplies.
Cranbrook Notes
Basin Notes : Newspaper article noting ongoing prosperity and growth in the basin, including new fire hall in Gran
Basin Notes
Cranbrook Police Court : Cranbrook Police Court charging two men for drunk and disorderly and one man sent to Nelson jail for
Cranbrook Police Court
Chinese Exclusion : Newspaper excerpt Moyie Leader - Moyie is a clean, pretty and prosperous town, but as they have only
Chinese Exclusion
Jail Hosts Unemployed : Cranbrook city jail takes in 6 to 10 unemployed lodgers every night then they are given breakfast.
Jail Hosts Unemployed
Unemployed Jailed : Cranbrook provincial jail is overcrowded, due to large number of arrests made of people riding the r
Unemployed Jailed
Castlegar Jail
Castlegar Jail
Castlegar Jail
Castlegar Jail
Castlegar Jail
Castlegar Jail
Castlegar Jail
Castlegar Jail
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