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McBride Home
McBride Home
Sternwheeler S.W. Kootenay
Sternwheeler S.W. Kootenay
Sternwheeler S.W. Kootenay
Sternwheeler S.W. Kootenay
Sternwheeler S.W. Kootenay
Sternwheeler S.W. Kootenay
Stockholders Meeting : Extraordinary session for the stock holders of Cranbrook Electric Light Company passing resolutions
Stockholders Meeting
Wasa Hotel Burns : Reporting on a fire at the Wasa Hotel. Landmark reduced to an ash heap.
Wasa Hotel Burns
Fernie Lumbering : Reporting on the installation of a planing and manufacturing plant at Fernie.
Fernie Lumbering
Telephone Service : Arrival of telephone company employee for the express purpose of rewiring old plant and possible ext
Telephone Service
Odd Fellows : Cranbrook Odd Fellows held their first meeting in the new I.O.O.F hall and installed their officers.
Odd Fellows
Beer In Coal Creek Club House : Reporting on a beer system installed in the new club house.
Beer In Coal Creek Club House
Lively Session Of Council : Last council session before elections of new year of councillors. Proves to be a lively session, wit
Lively Session Of Council
Wardner Autoists : Comings and goings of residents and guests from Wardner, including lots of young people attending a
Wardner Autoists
Binning Studio : Cranbrook photographer leases offices in Hanson Block and makes necessary alterations to turn it to
Binning Studio
First Liquor Store : Newspaper correction to statement Herald made in regards to building on Baker Street belonging to Mr
First Liquor Store
Rotary Pool : Members of Cranbrook Rotary club held annual election and revoted last years officers, a rough sketc
Rotary Pool
New Elevator And Barns : Cranbrooks' St. Eugene hospital authorities will purchase a modern electric elevator to be installed
New Elevator And Barns
Highlands School New Playground
Highlands School New Playground