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Serious Accident at Moyie Mine : Reporting on a serious accident at the Moyie Concentrator after employee falls into drive belt.
Serious Accident at Moyie Mine
Auto Accident - Clapp : On a car accident occuring when one driver pulled over to let other car by and grade giving away. O
Auto Accident - Clapp
Moyie Autoists : Newspaper article reporting an automobile accident west of Moyie. Also reporting the opening of a ne
Moyie Autoists
James Forrest : Article reporting James Forrest having been injured in Banff, is back in Cranbrook.
James Forrest
Corbin Strike : Corbin strike sends 42 people to hospital, with one constable slugged with a hammer who may die.
Corbin Strike
Corbin Strikers Convicted : 9 strikers get imprisonment after clash with police.
Corbin Strikers Convicted
Driving Accident : After a long journey through the states without a bit of trouble, local party meet with mishap withi
Driving Accident
St. Eugene Hospital : New hospital at St. Eugene Mission will soon be ready for occupation, with all modern conveniences.
St. Eugene Hospital
Crows Nest Construction : Newspaper excerpt Wardner International - ongoing notes on railway construction and steady inpouring
Crows Nest Construction
Cranbrook Notes : Cranbrook constable to Fort Steele to secure jail supplies.
Cranbrook Notes
Wardner Notes : First train of cars to cross Kootenay River, ferry across river now charges, comings and goings of W
Wardner Notes
Chinese Discrimination : Chinamans conception of life insurance illustrated amusingly in this incident.
Chinese Discrimination
Relief Road Work : Relief worker meets with tragic death after being struck by a flying fragment of a stump while worki
Relief Road Work
Ambulance Accident : Automobile collides with ambulance, patient was transferred to Greyhound bus line for rest of transp
Ambulance Accident
Cranbrook Ambulance : Asking donations be made to repair or replace ambulance damaged in accident, as hospital cannot affo
Cranbrook Ambulance
Elephants On Rampage : Five elephants of the Sells-Floto circus on a rampage when being unloaded in Cranbrook.
Elephants On Rampage
C.H. Werden Obituary : Late president of B.C. Spruce Mills C.H. Werden is buried in Ashland, WI.
C.H. Werden Obituary
Hospital Ambulance : B.C. Spruce Mills faller injured at work, requiring hospital ambulance.
Hospital Ambulance
Hesperian Sinking : Hesperian hit by torpedo off Irish Coast, 26 passengers and crew supposed to have been lost.
Hesperian Sinking
Accident Report : Reporting on railway accident near Wardner which injured the Engineer and Conductor but killed the B
Accident Report
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