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The Blackfoot Country : Newspaper article with first hand account from miner who while travelling met Snake Indians who thre
The Blackfoot Country
Route To Big Bend : Newspaper article with correspondence between A.C. Anderson and J. Robertson Stewart on the distance
Route To Big Bend
Fare to Big Bend : Article stating the Hudson Bay Co. will take passengers from San Francisco to the Columbia River.
Fare to Big Bend
Cheap Fares to Big Bend : Newspaper article with exerpt from The Columbian Government subsidized steamer transports people to
Cheap Fares to Big Bend
Comparative Fares : An article stating the distances, costs and hours to travel to the Big Bend and Bridger River or Car
Comparative Fares
To California Miners : Article advising miners of California to head North to the mines of Big Bend where plenty of gold is
To California Miners
A Fare War : Newspaper article with exerpt from the Columbian on the war of steamer fares.
A Fare War
To Big Bend : Newspaper article of the challenging trip from Victoria to Yale on the steamers. The cost of travel
To Big Bend
Salmo Incident : Newspaper excerpt Western Clarion - incident at Salmo where white employees of Kootenay Shingle Comp
Salmo Incident
Cranbrook Relief Work : Cranbrook had 250 men registering with city engineer as applicants for relief work.
Cranbrook Relief Work
3rd Contingent Departure : 3,000 Cranbrook citizens gather to bid farewell to the 47 members of the Cranbrook and district men
3rd Contingent Departure
Cranbrook Rotary : Cranbrook Rotary Clubs weekly luncheon with speaker "Dad" Worden telling of his pioneer days in Calg
Cranbrook Rotary
Trail Stage Ad : Newspaper advertisement
Trail Stage Ad
Trail Pamphlet : Great description of very early Trail and of transportation to that city.
Trail Pamphlet
Rossland Winter Carnival Sledding 1908
Rossland Winter Carnival Sledding 1908
Mark Creek Store
Mark Creek Store
Columbia River Mines Report : Article featuring a letter from Mr. Murphy, formerly at William Creek in the Cariboo. He mentions m
Columbia River Mines Report
Kootenay Mines Report : Article with letters from various individuals with reports on the Kootenay Mines. Featured is a rep
Kootenay Mines Report
Latest from Kootenay and Columbia River : Newspaper article describing work on a new trail by Mr Dewdney, as well as mining conditions. Menti
Latest from Kootenay and Columbia River
News from Big Bend Country : Newspaper article featuring a letter from Big Bend Country describing different gold strikes.
News from Big Bend Country
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