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CPR Silk Train
CPR Silk Train
Site Of Cranbrook "Colonnade" (Mall) 1966
Site Of Cranbrook
Gold Rush Reports : Newspaper article covering Gold Rush reports from Big Bend, Kootenay, Rock Creek, Boundary and China
Gold Rush Reports
Kootenay Mines Report : Article with letters from various individuals with reports on the Kootenay Mines. Featured is a rep
Kootenay Mines Report
News from Big Bend Country : Newspaper article featuring a letter from Big Bend Country describing different gold strikes.
News from Big Bend Country
From Columbia River : Newspaper article with a letter from Expressman Stone describing camp conditions and spirits of mine
From Columbia River
Big Bend News : article about the exciting gold finds at the Big Bend Mines. Also first steamboat to make first tri
Big Bend News
Kootenay and Big Bend : Newspaper article stating the opinion of miners is that the Big Bend is rich beyond anything that ha
Kootenay and Big Bend
More Big Bend : Newspaper article with information from respected miner, states that in his opinion large tract of c
More Big Bend
Rotary Minstrels : Newspaper article advertising the return of the Canbrook Rotary Minstrels in new offering featuring
Rotary Minstrels
Cheap Fares to Big Bend : Newspaper article with exerpt from The Columbian Government subsidized steamer transports people to
Cheap Fares to Big Bend
Dubious Reports : A report claiming the mines in Montana not near as good as the mines in California. Long winters an
Dubious Reports
Funding Appeal : Requesting donations for local trout hatchery.
Funding Appeal
Fort Steele Mercantile : Fort Steele Mercantile selling winter goods at a sacrifice sale.
Fort Steele Mercantile
Airport Upgrades : Reporting on ongoing work at Cranbrook Airport leveling bumpy field to extend runway.
Airport Upgrades
South Ward School : Meeting of Cranbrook Rotarians voted a sum to the Cranbrook Boy Scout Association for alterations t
South Ward School
South Ward School : South Ward School to undergo renovations to make two-room school into Scout Hall.
South Ward School
Unemployed Cutting Wood : Fernie's city council decide to have unemployed men cutting wood to sell as a means to help large nu
Unemployed Cutting Wood
Cranbrook Notes : Noting ongoing constuction in Cranbrook and the heat wave it is experiencing, with mountain fires to
Cranbrook Notes
Sullivan Mine : Sullivan Mine in Kimberley finds great strike of ore with high assay values.
Sullivan Mine
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