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The New Mining Region : Article with extracts from the Lewiston Golden Age paper re: Intelligence from the Kootanais Mines.
The New Mining Region
Official Report On Kootenay : Coverage of the official trip to Kootenay Country by Colonial Secretary Birch. A very complete desc
Official Report On Kootenay
Baker Estate Scandal : Newspaper article describing Col. Bakers trip back to England to form a company to develope the Cran
Baker Estate Scandal
Entomology Speech to Rotary. : Newspaper article reporting on the subject of entomology, dealing with insect life and how it affect
Entomology Speech to Rotary.
Fording River Coal : Describing property controlled by Imperial Coal and Coke Company.
Fording River Coal
International Development Co. : One of the latest legitimate development companies that has recently commenced business in the area.
International Development Co.
Golden & Fort Steele Development Company : Advertisement for shares in a development company managed by men in the Golden/Fort Steele areas, ow
Golden & Fort Steele Development Company
Potential of East Kootenay : Newspaper excerpt Vancouver World - describing the rich mining and farming available in East Kootena
Potential of East Kootenay
Moir Park & Horsemen : Newspaper article delegation from Kootenay Light Horse Show Association and Maverick Riding Club req
Moir Park & Horsemen
Local Colour : Newspaper article in form of a letter telling friend of chinese cigars clearing evils out of body an
Local Colour
Cranbrook Rotary Discuss Oil Well : Cranbook will develop with the introdution of gas piped into the city from a well being drilled at D
Cranbrook Rotary Discuss Oil Well
East Kootenay Survey : Correspondent makes a trip through the East Kootenay and tells the story of the future that awaits t
East Kootenay Survey
Aunt Lucia Fundraiser : Fundraiser for Cranbrook swimming pool in the form of a comedy play held in the Auditorium.
Aunt Lucia Fundraiser
Hesperian Sinking : Hesperian hit by torpedo off Irish Coast, 26 passengers and crew supposed to have been lost.
Hesperian Sinking
3rd Contingent Departure : 3,000 Cranbrook citizens gather to bid farewell to the 47 members of the Cranbrook and district men
3rd Contingent Departure
Cranbrook Rotary : Cranbrook Rotary Club luncheon topped the list for genuine hospitality and good fellowship.
Cranbrook Rotary
Cranbrook Rotary : Cranbrook Rotary Club's luncheon meeting included secretary of the "Y" speech on the importance to n
Cranbrook Rotary
Smelter : Sullivan mine news.
Trail Pamphlet : Great description of very early Trail and of transportation to that city.
Trail Pamphlet
Spokane Focus : Large article on Trail Creek mining prospects and the towns of Spokane, Trail and Rossland.
Spokane Focus
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