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The Blackfoot Mines : An article on recent discoveries of gold at Blackfoot mines in the U.S. Some discussion of the Indi
The Blackfoot Mines
The Blackfoot Country : Newspaper article with first hand account from miner who while travelling met Snake Indians who thre
The Blackfoot Country
To California Miners : Article advising miners of California to head North to the mines of Big Bend where plenty of gold is
To California Miners
Cranbrook Realty Property Transfers : Newspaper article detailing the large number of property transfers being effected lately.
Cranbrook Realty Property Transfers
Road To Montana : Newspaper article with exerpt from the Pacific Tribune on opening a road to Montana from Portland an
Road To Montana
East Kootenay Power : Reporting current years operations of East Kootenay Power Co are even more satisfactory, and if pres
East Kootenay Power
Kootenay Orchard Greenhouses : Reporting on the best hothouse tomatoes available from local greenhouse.
Kootenay Orchard Greenhouses
Wentworth Hotel : Real estate is very busy. Business properties in demand.
Wentworth Hotel
Real Estate Activity : Reporting on the on-going demand for residental houses.
Real Estate Activity
Gyro Club Beginnings : Reporting on the discussions of applying to Gyro Headquarters for local social club.
Gyro Club Beginnings
Big Business : Local business predicting a big run of business.
Big Business
Liquor Licenses : Report on the License Commissioners granting excessive numbers of licenses.
Liquor Licenses
Southeast Kootenay Report : Government Agent's report on southeast Kootenay. Report goes into number of men employed in mines a
Southeast Kootenay Report
Northeast Kootenay Report : Government Agent's report for Northeast Kootenay. Report touches on wages paid to miners and lumber
Northeast Kootenay Report
Lumber Industry : Reporting on constantly increasing demand upon Kootenay mills due to rapid growth in home markets in
Lumber Industry
Lumbering : Article reporting on the profitable business lumbering has become.
Lunber Industry : Reporting on the shortage of railcars for lumber, with demand constantly increasing.
Lunber Industry
Lumbering : Reporting the increase in the demand for lumber.
Lumbering Basic Industry : Lumbering continues as main basic industry in East Kootenay. Detailing the industry from the beginn
Lumbering Basic Industry
Fire Department Banquet : Reporting on Fire Department banquet held in honor of 53th anniversary.
Fire Department Banquet
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