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East Kootenay Teachers Association
East Kootenay Teachers Association
Kootenay Branch Institute of Power Engineers Convention
Kootenay Branch Institute of Power Engineers Convention
Miners Meeting c.1950
Miners Meeting c.1950
Teachers Convention
Teachers Convention
District Gyro Convention in Cranbrook
District Gyro Convention in Cranbrook
Frank Fergie and Mike Provenzano
Frank Fergie and Mike Provenzano
Cranbrook Gyros : Reporting on the visit of Gyros Governor from Edmonton due to convention business.
Cranbrook Gyros
Sullivan Mine : One of the most interesting ore samples taken from the lower workings of the Sullivan Mine.
Sullivan Mine
Cranbrook Liberals : Newspaper article reporting on a British Columbia Liberal gathering at Nelson on Thursday and Friday
Cranbrook Liberals
Council Reports : Minutes of council meeting, mostly dealing with idea of airport field being handed over to the city.
Council Reports
Bank of Commerce : Convention being held in town for heads of Bank of Commerce branches in the Kootenays.
Bank of Commerce
Gyro Club : Article reporting on a Nelson man being elected as new District Gyro Governor.
Gyro Club
Politics : Reporting on the forming of a Central Liberal Organization for the Cranbrook district.
Reverend Holford : Arrival of Rev. Holford, who will organize church work of the Baptist denomination from Fernie to Mo
Reverend Holford
Doukhobors : Doukhobor lament written by a constable from Clinton, BC. about arrest of protestors and shipment to
American Federation of Labor : Annual convention of Federation of Labor to be an important meeting as standing president is being a
American Federation of Labor
Womens Institute : Regular monthy meeting of Cranbrook Women's Institute making arrangements for the comfort and entert
Womens Institute
Cranbrook Poultry : Cranbrook represented at Poultry Convention in Kamloops.
Cranbrook Poultry
Fire Chiefs Meeting And Training Issues : Chiefs from eight cities in the Kootenays and Boundary met at Nelson to discuss forming a provincial
Fire Chiefs Meeting And Training Issues
Farmers Institute : Annual district convention and dinner of the Farmers' Institutes of East Kootenay to be held in Cran
Farmers Institute
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