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Miss Valemount Pageant - Mandy Whittingstall
Miss Valemount Pageant - Mandy Whittingstall
Competitor Tourist Park : Reporting on the opening of the "ideal" Tourist Park for the season.
Competitor Tourist Park
Prospector Moves To Cranbrook : Reporting on upcoming move of Fort Steele newspaper to Cranbrook as a rival to Herald.
Prospector Moves To Cranbrook
Chinese Discrimination : Newspaper article one mans apprehension of Chinese population in Kootenays rapidly increasing, causi
Chinese Discrimination
Cranbrook Rotary : Cranbrook Rotary Club weekly meeting had chairmen of all committees reporting on progress, and Fred
Cranbrook Rotary
Cranbrook Rotary : Each member of Cranbrook Rotary was instructed to invite, and pay for the meal, of one of his compet
Cranbrook Rotary
Becker Rink
Becker Rink
John Kidd Rink
John Kidd Rink
Tourist Park Marketing : Article stating both side of the issue of Cranbrook withdrawing from the Tourist Association and adv
Tourist Park Marketing
Cranbrook Gardens : Cranbrook Junior Chamber of Commerce putting on competition to judge best gardens with contest for a
Cranbrook Gardens
Cranbrook Gardens : Results of garden competition put on by Cranbrook Junior Chamber of Commerce in order to beautify th
Cranbrook Gardens
Moir Park & Horsemen : Newspaper article delegation from Kootenay Light Horse Show Association and Maverick Riding Club req
Moir Park & Horsemen
$125 Prize : Cranbrook Rod and Gun Club members offered $125 prize for largest trout caught in the district, priz
$125 Prize
Gyro Pool Carnival : Cranbrook Gyros' weekly meeting settles practically all major details for upcoming carnival, to acco
Gyro Pool Carnival
Childrens Community Playground opens up : Rotary Park Childrens Community playground opens up,, how the name was chosen and the winners who ch
Childrens Community Playground opens up