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C.M.& S. Concentrator
C.M.& S. Concentrator
Kootenay Justice : Judge arriving at Kootenay to empty jail and clear docket as 3 men broke out of their jail cell and
Kootenay Justice
KBM Concentrator at Wild Horse : New mill of Kootenay Base Metals soon ready for test run.
KBM Concentrator at Wild Horse
Racing Circuit : Article on the proposal of James Gill for a horse racing circuit to be brought to the interior towns
Racing Circuit
New Airport Building : New airport building now occupied by Department of Transport, Weather Bureau and Trans-Canada Airlin
New Airport Building
The Auditorium : New managers of Auditorium Theatre have secured big musical extravaganza for their opening show.
The Auditorium
New Airport Building : New Airport Building in Cranbrook 1938
New Airport Building
The Kootanais Mines : Newspaper article with a letter from Osoyoos Lake where miners have gone to record claims at Kootena
The Kootanais Mines
Annual Report : Detailing annual report for the fire department, listing causes of fires and comparing to calls from
Annual Report
Ammonia Killer Pool : Reporting on one the mysteries of nature found in the Selkirks, a pool whose fumes bring death to ma
Ammonia Killer Pool
To Build Church : Proposal to build a handsome church edifice, that would be the finest in South East Kootenay.
To Build Church
Fort Steele Assessments : With Fort Steeles water works committee being well advanced in their assessment work, but most peopl
Fort Steele Assessments
Potholes On Little Moyie : Reporting on peculiar phenomenon found in the hills by the Little Moyie.
Potholes On Little Moyie
Unemployed Conditions In Calgary : Newspaper letter to the editor from unemployed man describing terrible unemployment conditions in Ca
Unemployed Conditions In Calgary
Interior Description : Cranbrook Hotel's new office, writing room and dining room are described as how they will be finishe
Interior Description
G.W.V.A. School Essays : Cranbrook's G.W.V.A. will award money to students with best essays on the poppy flower and how it be
G.W.V.A. School Essays
Cranbrook Rotary : Lethbridge Rotarian presented the charter to the Cranbrook club making them official.
Cranbrook Rotary
Kaslo Council : Newspaper
Kaslo Council
Interior view of saw-filing room at Kootenay Spruce Mills c.1949
Interior view of saw-filing room at Kootenay Spruce Mills c.1949
East Kootenay Publishing Company : Printing company prepared to do neat, artistic, up to date printing in all its branches.
East Kootenay Publishing Company
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