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Altar in Chinese Cemetery, Wild Horse BC
Altar in Chinese Cemetery, Wild Horse BC
Cranbrook Parade
Cranbrook Parade
Camp 6 Logging Crew, Canal Flats, BC
Camp 6 Logging Crew, Canal Flats, BC
Hurrys White Lunch
Hurrys White Lunch
Gold Rush Reports : Newspaper article covering Gold Rush reports from Big Bend, Kootenay, Rock Creek, Boundary and China
Gold Rush Reports
Columbia River Chinese : Newspaper article describing how Chinese would rather work claims than earn money working on trail.
Columbia River Chinese
Kootenay and Columbia Diggings : Newspaper reports featuring comments from Expresman Reade with regard to ongoing digs in Kootenay an
Kootenay and Columbia Diggings
Kootenay and Big Bend : Newspaper article stating the opinion of miners is that the Big Bend is rich beyond anything that ha
Kootenay and Big Bend
To Big Bend : Newspaper article of the challenging trip from Victoria to Yale on the steamers. The cost of travel
To Big Bend
Big Bend and Kootenay : Newspaper article talking of the current weather conditions of Big Bend and Kootenay along with the
Big Bend and Kootenay
Chinese Masons Rebuild : First sod being turned in re-establishment of Chinese Masonic building following recent fire totally
Chinese Masons Rebuild
Chinese Masons : Reporting on small fire in Chinese Masonic Lodge, second fire in the Chinese quarter within a month,
Chinese Masons
Chinese Question : Article reporting on the "problem" of Chinese running businesses in town and their monopoly on the l
Chinese Question
Chinese Question : Chinese are still pouring into Cranbrook daily, and they need "pushing along".
Chinese Question
School History : Reminiscing about the progress of the school in Cranbrook, from working out of a building to present
School History
Chinese Question : Newspaper article reporting more Chinamen leaving Moyie, hence Cranbrook's Chinese population is eve
Chinese Question
Chinese Racism : Article reporting on ongoing fight against the Chinamen of Moyie by the Miners' Union.
Chinese Racism
Chinese Business : Advising customers that Wong Comedy has purchased laundry business from Wing Lee.
Chinese Business
Chinese Racism at Moyie : The movement against Chinese working in Moyie is working very satisfactory.
Chinese Racism at Moyie
Moyie News : Newspaper excerpt from Moyie Leader - reporting on the comings and goings of citizens in Moyie, also
Moyie News
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