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Local Colour : Reprinting letter sent to friend informing him of the death of Chinamen due to opium.
Local Colour
Chinese Boxer : New York Morning Journal has discovered a new pugilistic champion in a Chinaman, originally from the
Chinese Boxer
New Attitude Emerging : Article asking for some protection for the police for Chinese as they can't even walk the streets of
New Attitude Emerging
Chinese Discrimination : Newspaper article miners of Sandon do not want Chinese workers and use any means necessary to keep t
Chinese Discrimination
Economic Boycott Of Chinese : Newspaper article urging people of Kootenay Lake country to rid themselves of the Chinese by boycott
Economic Boycott Of Chinese
Kettle River Gold : Reports of rich strike of placer gold on Kettle Creek.
Kettle River Gold
Smuggling Chinese : Two Chinamen landed in Northport under mysterious circumstances.
Smuggling Chinese
Chinese Exclusion : Only Chinaman working in New Denver is now gone.
Chinese Exclusion
Chinese Question : C.P.R. forcing communities to accept Chinese cheap labor as they continue to employ them on their st
Chinese Question
Chinese Discrimination : Figures from Parliament fiscal year of 1898-9 showing revenue derived from Chinese poll-tax.
Chinese Discrimination
Chinese Plays : No Chinese women are allowed on stage by decree of an Empress from 1736.
Chinese Plays
Chinese Ban : Labor organizations of Nelson adopted a resolution pledging its members to discourage employment or
Chinese Ban
Chinese Discrimination : Joke involving Chinese converting to Christianity and the collection plate.
Chinese Discrimination
Chinese Discrimination : While Mr. Houston discussed the perplexing problem with the Chinese, he should keep in mind that he
Chinese Discrimination
Chinese Place : Newspaper excerpt Rossland World - recent debate in B.C. House of Commons had a letter produced by B
Chinese Place
Nelson Fall Fair : Nelson Fall Fair parade included a Chinese procession which needed and interpreter to explain the me
Nelson Fall Fair
Cranbrook Chinese : Cranbrooks' Chinatown celebrate Republic Day with a brilliant festival and fireworks.
Cranbrook Chinese
Chinese Exclusion : Early racist view of Chinese citizens in New Denver.
Chinese Exclusion