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George Edward Hargreaves
George Edward Hargreaves
Gillis and Barnhardt Wedding Photo
Gillis and Barnhardt Wedding Photo
The Blackfoot Mines : An article with accounts from miners out of the Blackfoot region. One miner describes the richest an
The Blackfoot Mines
John Quinn : The burial of John Quinn, district old timer.
John Quinn
Remembrance Essays : The Veterans announcing prize winners in Poppy Day Competion.
Remembrance Essays
Mount Fisher : After recent climb by two local men more people are ready to take on Fisher Peak, including some lad
Mount Fisher
Peter Lund Recalls Frank Slide : Newspaper excerpt from Lethbridge Herald - with account of railway workers who just missed being bur
Peter Lund Recalls Frank Slide
McKenzie Death : Reporting on large crowd at last rites for local priest, internment was in Cranbrook cemetery, first
McKenzie Death
Perry Creek Cemetery : Letter from Cranbrook lady describing visit to Old Town at Perry Creek where they found five or six
Perry Creek Cemetery
Mining Deaths : Two fatal accidents at Michel occured in one week, both men were buried by rock and slack.
Mining Deaths
Miss MacLeod Dies : Pioneer citizen who had been in millenery and ladies wear business for nearly thirty years died afte
Miss MacLeod Dies
Miss MacLeod Buried : Presbyterian Church holds funeral service for pioneer woman of Cranbook.
Miss MacLeod Buried
Leitch Sisters Reunion : Sisters reunited 41 years after being separated after Frank slide disaster killed their parents and
Leitch Sisters Reunion
Emily Cadieux
Emily Cadieux
Fosmo War Letter : Copy of letter received by resident in Cranbrook from soldier fighting in France.
Fosmo War Letter
War Letter : Letter from army to Mrs. Bidder of Cranbrook, informing her of the death of her son.
War Letter
C.H. Werden Obituary : Late president of B.C. Spruce Mills C.H. Werden is buried in Ashland, WI.
C.H. Werden Obituary
Mrs. Lake Obituary : Pioneer merchant and rancher of East Kootenay dies as the result of lingering illness.
Mrs. Lake Obituary
Secretarys Report : Cranbrook Veterans Association's secretary summarizes activities and good works done by the G.W.V.A.
Secretarys Report
St. Eugene Hospital : Young man employed by Cranbrook C.P.R. dies in hospital after a month of illness due to mountain fev
St. Eugene Hospital
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