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Ballot Box Theft : Article reporting man found guilty of stealing a ballot box is maintaining his innocence.
Ballot Box Theft
Womens Auxilliary By-Laws : Cranbrook Women's Auxilliary to the Great War Veterans Association adopted by-laws for how the organ
Womens Auxilliary By-Laws
Railway Violence : Newspaper article trial of man accused of murdering his friend and fellow countryman could not be de
Railway Violence
Miners Against Chinese : Election for provincial parliament must include people whose first duty is for the mining section of
Miners Against Chinese
Chinese Voting : Chinamen allowed to vote in municipal elections in Toronto.
Chinese Voting
A.E. Watts : Wattsburgs' A.E. Watts offers reward of $5,000 for information leading to the conviction and unseati
A.E. Watts
Park & Pool By-Law : Urging all Cranbrook citizens to vote in favor of city park by-law.
Park & Pool By-Law
Pool Bylaw Passes : Cranbrook taxpayers vote 3 to 1 in favor of establishing playground and swimming pool for children.
Pool Bylaw Passes
First Election Results : Newspaper article looking back 60 years to the first Cranbrook election for Mayor and Aldermen.
First Election Results
Council Elections : Cranbrook city election results in a major victory for new mayor Bowness and his aldermen.
Council Elections