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Rare view of Palm Confectionery on Norbury Avenue in Cranbrook, BC 1910
Rare view of Palm Confectionery on Norbury Avenue in Cranbrook, BC 1910
Beresford Practical School of Music, 1937
Beresford Practical School of Music, 1937
McKim School
McKim School
Kimberley Dancing 1953
Kimberley Dancing 1953
Norbury Avenue Looking North
Norbury Avenue Looking North
"The Mikado"
Rotary Minstrels : Newspaper article advertising the return of the Canbrook Rotary Minstrels in new offering featuring
Rotary Minstrels
Rotary Minstrels Here Next Week : Newspaper article addressing the coming of the Rotary Minstrels third annual show. Songs and chorus
Rotary Minstrels Here Next Week
Cranbrook School Concert : Newspaper article covering the Central School concert in Cranbrook, listing the program and names of
Cranbrook School Concert
School Addition : Reporting on the ongoing debate over finding other accomodations to turn into schools versus adding
School Addition
To Build Church : Proposal to build a handsome church edifice, that would be the finest in South East Kootenay.
To Build Church
American Federation of Labor : Annual convention of Federation of Labor to be an important meeting as standing president is being a
American Federation of Labor
Chinatown Fire : Local man charged with starting fire in Chinatown, which caused damage to many buildings and razed s
Chinatown Fire
The Auditorium : Two young Lethbridge gentlemen completed negotiations to lease the Auditorium Theatre in Cranbrook,
The Auditorium
Garrett : Advance agent for new musical show to appear at the Auditorium visits Cranbrook.
The Auditorium : New managers of Auditorium Theatre have secured big musical extravaganza for their opening show.
The Auditorium
Amateur Dramatic Company : Newspaper article Cranbrook Amateur Dramatic Company leaving for Creston to present "Green Stockings
Amateur Dramatic Company
Cranbrook Entertainment : Isolde Menges and her $20,000 Stradivarius to vist Cranbrook.
Cranbrook Entertainment
Capt. Henshaw Lecture : Capt. Henshaw to give an illustrated lecture on "The Fields of France" including experience in conva
Capt. Henshaw Lecture
Wycliffe Autoists : Comings and goings of Wycliffe residents and their visitors.
Wycliffe Autoists
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