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Cranbrook City Council : Report on City Council meeting dealing with the Y.M.C.A. proposed building addition for a swimming p
Cranbrook City Council
Moir Park : Asking for volunteers to finish preparations a Moir Park for May Day.
Moir Park
Cranbrook Cemetery Inspection : Cranbrook city council meeting with council members arranging to jointly visit the cemetery to surve
Cranbrook Cemetery Inspection
Cranbrook Civil Election : Newspaper letter to the editor - asking for elections to the upcoming civic election, not having the
Cranbrook Civil Election
Joe Jackson Letter re Wall : Newspaper letter from an Alderman to the Mayor and Aldermen - stating he received money from the off
Joe Jackson Letter re Wall
Scout Hall : Annual meeting of Boy Scout Association electing officers and appointing committee for troops and ro
Scout Hall
First Election Results : Newspaper article looking back 60 years to the first Cranbrook election for Mayor and Aldermen.
First Election Results
Local Color : Newspaper article in form of a letter describing shantytowns of immigrants throught Nelson.
Local Color
Annual Firemens Banquet : Tenth annual firemen's banquet was thoroughly enjoyed by guests.
Annual Firemens Banquet
Lively Session Of Council : Last council session before elections of new year of councillors. Proves to be a lively session, wit
Lively Session Of Council
Joe Jackson Argument : Minority alderman resigns after council meeting infuriates him over $250.00 bill.
Joe Jackson Argument
Change To Provincial Police : Cranbrook City Council meeting over the matter of changing from city to provincial police.
Change To Provincial Police
Cranbrook - Police : Former Cranbrook Mayor makes statement regarding preliminaries leading up to his and three aldermens
Cranbrook - Police
Change to Provincial Police : Mayor and five Aldermen resign in what they consider is a vote of nonconfidence in their contemplati
Change to Provincial Police
Change To Provincial Police : Returning to their seats after resigning, Mayor and Aldermen vote 5 to 2 in favor of turning Cranbro
Change To Provincial Police
Change Poem : Newspaper article in form of poem relating to fight among Cranbrook City Councellors over going to p
Change Poem
Rossland Times : Newspaper article slamming new editor of Rossland Times for making statements that the people no lon
Rossland Times
City Council : Cranbrook City Council meeting considering a public auction for property that was reverted to City d
City Council
City Council : Cranbrook City Council meeting with City Engineers' reports on utility and services, ongoing upgrade
City Council
City Council : Cranbrook City Council meeting, among other things brought up was approaching C.P.R. in respect to b
City Council
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