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The Kootenay Report : Article summarizing report of Mr. Birch, the Colonial Secretary of British Columbia, on the Kootenay
The Kootenay Report
Oregon Route To Big Bend : Article with exerpt from the Dalles Mountaineer featuring condensed version of the route to Big Bend
Oregon Route To Big Bend
To California Miners : Article advising miners of California to head North to the mines of Big Bend where plenty of gold is
To California Miners
Hanging Glaciers Hike : First hand report from ladies who spent holiday on horseback visiting Lake of the Hanging Glacier ne
Hanging Glaciers Hike
Zuckerberg Island
Zuckerberg Island
Zuckerberg Island
Zuckerberg Island
Transportation Notes : Notes regarding expansion and changes of transportation routes and facilities.
Transportation Notes
Big Bend Highway 1940
Big Bend Highway 1940