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Big Bend Diggings - Richness Confirmed : Newspaper article with lastest particulars on the confirmation of riches at the Big Bend diggings.
Big Bend Diggings - Richness Confirmed
Route To Big Bend : Newspaper article with correspondence between A.C. Anderson and J. Robertson Stewart on the distance
Route To Big Bend
The Big Bend Road : Newspaper article stating that a contract for the construction of a wagon road and a steamer for the
The Big Bend Road
Maps of the Big Bend Country : A description of the maps that were printed for the routes to Big Bend.
Maps of the Big Bend Country
The Blackfoot Country : Newspaper article with a letter written by a Cariboo miner examining the state of the Blackfoot Coun
The Blackfoot Country
Cheap Fares to Big Bend : Newspaper article with exerpt from The Columbian Government subsidized steamer transports people to
Cheap Fares to Big Bend
Mission Road Reopened : Article stating that the Mission road near the Indian industrial school is open again to traffic aft
Mission Road Reopened
Comparative Fares : An article stating the distances, costs and hours to travel to the Big Bend and Bridger River or Car
Comparative Fares
To California Miners : Article advising miners of California to head North to the mines of Big Bend where plenty of gold is
To California Miners
Road To Montana : Newspaper article with exerpt from the Pacific Tribune on opening a road to Montana from Portland an
Road To Montana
The Big Bend Mines : Mention of the weather conditions at Big Bend and Shuswap Lake. Talks of the dog-teams that steadily
The Big Bend Mines
Aurora Mine : Aurora mine to be worked by local syndicate and to start shipping ore in near future.
Aurora Mine
Fights With Indians : Features exerpts from the Portland Oregonian as well as other newspapers on the war with the Indians
Fights With Indians
To Big Bend : Newspaper article of the challenging trip from Victoria to Yale on the steamers. The cost of travel
To Big Bend
Salary Increase Granted Principal : Coverage of the Cranbrook School Board meeting, discussion of increased budgets.
Salary Increase Granted Principal
Cranbrook City Council : Reporting on Council Session dealing with ongoing repair work on city streets.
Cranbrook City Council
Fort Steele Autoists : Newspaper article reporting on the repairs taking place on the roads through Westport and Steele, al
Fort Steele Autoists
Auto Accident - Clapp : On a car accident occuring when one driver pulled over to let other car by and grade giving away. O
Auto Accident - Clapp
The Kuskanook Road : Newspaper article reporting that the boards of trade are pushing for the completion of the southern
The Kuskanook Road
Wasa Hotel Burns : Reporting on a fire at the Wasa Hotel. Landmark reduced to an ash heap.
Wasa Hotel Burns
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