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Crowe Book : Former Moyie boy now an author of a well written book on mining laws.
Crowe Book
Masonic Cornerstone : Corner stone of new Masonic Temple in Cranbrook was laid with ceremony and procession.
Masonic Cornerstone
Elephants At Large : Myrtle the elephant said to be wandering in the thickets at the base of Moyie Mountain and her jungl
Elephants At Large
Elephant Dies : Truant elephant dies in woods, exhausted and with two bullet wounds in her hip. Still one elephant i
Elephant Dies
Smyth Interview : Former editor of Moyie Leader interviews Cranbrook Ed, famous for Cranbrooks' Elephant Stampede.
Smyth Interview
Elephant Bait : Hunting for grizzlies said to be good near Myrtle the elephants carcasss.
Elephant Bait
Dr. Green : Dr. Green comes up from Moyie.
Dr. Green
St. Eugene Hospital : Moyie resident visits brother confined at Mission hospital due to illness.
St. Eugene Hospital
St. Eugene Hospital : Moyie resident recovering rapidly and will soon leave the hospital.
St. Eugene Hospital
St. Eugene Hospital : Moyie resident returned from hospital after being confined by fever.
St. Eugene Hospital
Bishop Blesses Hospital : New Westminsters' Catholic bishop visits and holds services in Cranbrook, Moyie, Fernie and St. Mary
Bishop Blesses Hospital
St. Eugene Hospital : Moyie resident sufficiently recovered to leave the hospital.
St. Eugene Hospital
St. Eugene Hospital : Moyie resident returned home from hospital nearly recovered.
St. Eugene Hospital
Eagles : 3 Moyie residents in Cranbrook for gathering of Eagles aerie.
C. M. Edwards : Mr. Edwards has been hauling in machinery to start active mining operations on Moyie River.
C. M. Edwards
W.T. Reid Interview : Newspaper interview with W.T. Reid, not only a pioneer store keeper of Cranbrook but Wardner and Moy
W.T. Reid Interview
Eneas Small Interview : Newspaper interview Eneas Small left PEI to move to British Columbia to see the place where men were
Eneas Small Interview
A.E. Watts : Early pioneer who took the Crow's Nest Pass trail to Cranbrook two years before the railway tells of
A.E. Watts
Road Work : Two picks and four shovels arrive in Moyie for road gang crew of two men.
Road Work
Mill Sold To Beaver Lumber : Newspaper excerpt Moyie Leader - mills of Porto Rico Lumber company at Nelson, Ymir, Moyie and Moose
Mill Sold To Beaver Lumber
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