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Fort Steele Autoists : Detailing comings and goings of Fort Steele residents and their visitors.
Fort Steele Autoists
Miss MacLeod Dies : Pioneer citizen who had been in millenery and ladies wear business for nearly thirty years died afte
Miss MacLeod Dies
Marunchak : Wycliffe native patient at the St. Eugene Hospital.
Miss Marion Gill : Cranbrook lady to Vancouver to enter General Hospital as nurse in training.
Miss Marion Gill
Walter Tannhauser : Obituary of long time Fort Steele resident, death due to blood poisoning from a scratch on his thumb
Walter Tannhauser
Rod & Gun Report On Hatchery : Special meeting of Rod and Gun Club hears report on local fish hatchery, which was deemed a success
Rod & Gun Report On Hatchery
St. Eugene Hospital : G.J. Spreull appointed as a director of the St. Eugene Hospital.
St. Eugene Hospital
Nurses Graduate : St. Eugene Hospital held dance for graduating class for nurses.
Nurses Graduate
Volunteer Nurses : Praise to the volunteer nurses who helped critical case of Spanish Flu back to health, with some bec
Volunteer Nurses
YMCA Ban Lifted : After many people have recuperated from the flu, YMCA building and dining room has been reopened.
YMCA Ban Lifted
Nursing School Will Close : Operating since 1910 St. Eugene Nursing School to close due to high costs and low turnover.
Nursing School Will Close
First Wycliffe Bridge Accident : New Wycliffe bridge builder escapes death while removing false work, crashing 50 feet while heavy ti
First Wycliffe Bridge Accident
Cranbrook Relief Society : Relief Society reports successful Christmas for needy families and men in hospital, due to donations
Cranbrook Relief Society
Annual Fire Department Report : Annual report for 1930 detailing fire department responding to 40 calls.
Annual Fire Department Report
East Kootenay Estimates : Victoria legislature presented with estimates for current year for upgrades and wages in East Kooten
East Kootenay Estimates
In The Hospital : Newspaper article listing people under care of Sister Superior and four Sister assistants at St. Eug
In The Hospital
St. Eugene Mission : Easter Sunday at St. Eugene Mission. New chapel was filled to utmost capacity three times during th
St. Eugene Mission
In The Hospital : Patients admitted to St. Eugene hospital.
In The Hospital
St. Eugene Hospital : New hospital at St. Eugene Mission will soon be ready for occupation, with all modern conveniences.
St. Eugene Hospital
Cranbrook Notes : Cranbrook constable to Fort Steele to secure jail supplies.
Cranbrook Notes
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