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Kicking Horse Booklet : Newspaper article reporting that the Cranbrook Board of Trade has come into possession of a new art
Kicking Horse Booklet
The Kuskanook Road : Newspaper article reporting that the boards of trade are pushing for the completion of the southern
The Kuskanook Road
Wasa Hotel Burns : Reporting on a fire at the Wasa Hotel. Landmark reduced to an ash heap.
Wasa Hotel Burns
Kimberley-Windermere Road : Newspaper article reporting on construction that may take place on the Kimberley-Windermere road con
Kimberley-Windermere Road
Kimberley-Wasa Road : Newspaper article reporting that the proposed road from Cranbrook to Wasa was on it's way to constru
Kimberley-Wasa Road
Elko : Newspaper article reporting on a railway and smelter centre in Elko.
Bank of Commerce : Convention being held in town for heads of Bank of Commerce branches in the Kootenays.
Bank of Commerce
Edwards Remembers 1885 : An interesting outlook on progress in our area over the last 14 years by one of the first settlers i
Edwards Remembers 1885
Ammonia Killer Pool : Reporting on one the mysteries of nature found in the Selkirks, a pool whose fumes bring death to ma
Ammonia Killer Pool
J.F. Armstrong Remembers : Article featuring the offical facts by J.F. Armstrong on the condition of the South East Kootenay wh
J.F. Armstrong Remembers
Shay Locomotives : Article reporting the Shay locomotive that passed through Cranbrook, is proving a great success on t
Shay Locomotives
St. Eugene Mine : Newspaper excerpt from the Phoenix Pioneer - telling of the purchase of St. Eugene mine for $7000 an
St. Eugene Mine
Windermere Mines : Article reporting on the ongoing good reports coming from the mines in Windermere district.
Windermere Mines
Route Surveying : Describing the trials and tribulations of two men travelling from Lethbridge to Fort Steele, report
Route Surveying
West Fernie Growth : Reporting on the growth of delightful suburb of Fernie, free of city taxes and land costs increasing
West Fernie Growth
McKenzie Death : Reporting on large crowd at last rites for local priest, internment was in Cranbrook cemetery, first
McKenzie Death
Mount Fisher : Alpinists scale loftiest pinnacle in the range of mountains to the east of the city.
Mount Fisher
Hanging Glaciers Hike : First hand report from ladies who spent holiday on horseback visiting Lake of the Hanging Glacier ne
Hanging Glaciers Hike
Cranbrook Airport : Wiring work underway for lights on the extension of Cranbrook Airport runway.
Cranbrook Airport
Lost Lemon Story : Shedding new light on Lost Lemon gold digging, indicating claim never existed and Lemon murdered his
Lost Lemon Story
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