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Elko CPR Station Restoration, 1987
Elko CPR Station Restoration, 1987
Elko CPR Station Restoration 1987
Elko CPR Station Restoration 1987
Cranbrook, B.C. Elko Station interior restoration; 1988 - northeast stud wall showing modern windo
Cranbrook, B.C.   Elko Station interior restoration; 1988 - northeast stud wall showing modern windows filled in
Elko Train Station
Elko Train Station
Parks Hardware : Reporting ongoing renovations to store allowing for greater floor space.
Parks Hardware
Wasa Airport : Ongoing airport construction work near Ta Ta Creek to be used as an emergency field by the Departmen
Wasa Airport
Cranbrook Recalled : Early events of Cranbrook history read at literary meeting, including a time when there were only 5
Cranbrook Recalled
Cranbrook the Best : Lethbridge Commissioner stating Cranbrook would soon have the best tourist camp on route.
Cranbrook the Best
South Ward School : South Ward School to undergo renovations to make two-room school into Scout Hall.
South Ward School
St. Eugene Mission : Easter Sunday at St. Eugene Mission. New chapel was filled to utmost capacity three times during th
St. Eugene Mission
St. Eugene Hospital : New hospital at St. Eugene Mission will soon be ready for occupation, with all modern conveniences.
St. Eugene Hospital
Annual - Cranbrook Hotel : Relating the history of the Cranbrook Hotel from probably the first stick of lumber used in building
Annual - Cranbrook Hotel
A.E. Watts : Early pioneer who took the Crow's Nest Pass trail to Cranbrook two years before the railway tells of
A.E. Watts
Marvellous Creston : Creston has proved it is remarkable fertile for growing fruit, but many don't know that Mr. Rykert w
Marvellous Creston
Castlegar Jail
Castlegar Jail
Smith Mercantile Interior
Smith Mercantile Interior
Invermere Hotel : Cranbrook Courier reporter remembers old Invermere Hotel in its heyday, and his own experience with
Invermere Hotel
City Hall Expansion : Cranbook Council meet to approve addition for City Hall and lights for Slaterville.
City Hall Expansion
Cranbrook Rotary : Cranbrook Rotarians actively preparing for the first annual Rotary Minstrel and speech of some thing
Cranbrook Rotary
Jackson Block : Cranbrook Trading Company almost ready to move into nearly completed building with all the furnishin
Jackson Block
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