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Schooling : Newspaper excerpt Grand Forks Gazette - school inspector brought a lady teacher into Grand Forks aft
Sylvanus Richards : One of Cranbrook's old-timers passed away New Years Day after several months of failing health.
Sylvanus Richards
Castlegar Station Museum
Castlegar Station Museum
Wardner : Crow's Nest Pass Railway line now completed to Wardner, making it a boom town with many residents an
Cranbrook Schools : Cranbrook Schools have large enrollments in the different grades, which will necessitate the School
Cranbrook Schools
Cranbrook Schools : South Ward School Divisions 1 and 2 listing perfect attendance and honor rolls.
Cranbrook Schools
Cranbrook Schools : Cranbrook High School teachers and pupils entertain the teachers of Central School.
Cranbrook Schools
H. G. Morris : Mr. Morris, manual training teacher to spend Christmas holidays at the Coast.
H. G. Morris
South Ward Closing : Cranbrook school board trustees discuss closing of South Ward School for lack of students, but not i
South Ward Closing
Fernie Principal Asks For Expulsions : Fernie high school principal asks school board trustees for permission to expel several pupils not i
Fernie Principal Asks For Expulsions
Aunt Lucia Fundraiser : Fundraiser for Cranbrook swimming pool in the form of a comedy play held in the Auditorium.
Aunt Lucia Fundraiser
Cranbrook Schools 1904 : Cranbrook's growth and progress in indicated by the need for more and bigger classrooms and schools.
Cranbrook Schools 1904
Miss A.L. Hillam : Cranbrook teacher of the pianoforte.
Miss A.L. Hillam
Two Schools : Cranbrook has a public and a high school with 5 teachers.
Two Schools
G.W.V.A. School Essays : Cranbrook's G.W.V.A. will award money to students with best essays on the poppy flower and how it be
G.W.V.A. School Essays
Armistice Dance : G.W.V.A. thank G.B.C.X.Y.Z. Club for organizing what turned out to be a successful dance in honor of
Armistice Dance
Pinewood School Cranbrook
Pinewood School Cranbrook
Pinewood School Cranbrook
Pinewood School Cranbrook
Central School Cranbrook
Central School Cranbrook
10th Avenue Elementary School Cranbrook, B.C. 1971
10th Avenue Elementary School Cranbrook, B.C. 1971
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