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Nearing Kootenay Crossing
Nearing Kootenay Crossing
Kootenay River Near McLeod Meadows
Kootenay River Near McLeod Meadows
Castle Mountain
Castle Mountain
The Kootenais Mines : Article with letter from Rock Creek confirming exciting news about Kootenay mines. Lots of informat
The Kootenais Mines
The Kootanais Mines : Newspaper article with a letter from Osoyoos Lake where miners have gone to record claims at Kootena
The Kootanais Mines
Official Report On Kootenay : Coverage of the official trip to Kootenay Country by Colonial Secretary Birch. A very complete desc
Official Report On Kootenay
The Kootenay Report : Article summarizing report of Mr. Birch, the Colonial Secretary of British Columbia, on the Kootenay
The Kootenay Report
The Route To Kootenay : Exploring party sent out to ascertain the best route to the Kootenay mines. Travelled thru Kamloops
The Route To Kootenay
Gold Rush Reports : Newspaper article covering Gold Rush reports from Big Bend, Kootenay, Rock Creek, Boundary and China
Gold Rush Reports
Latest from Kootenay and Columbia River : Newspaper article describing work on a new trail by Mr Dewdney, as well as mining conditions. Menti
Latest from Kootenay and Columbia River
From Columbia River : Newspaper article with a letter from Expressman Stone describing camp conditions and spirits of mine
From Columbia River
The Big Bend Country : Newspaper article with a letter from Fort Kamloops on conditions encountered reaching Big Bend Count
The Big Bend Country
Columbia River Developments : Newspaper article on Mr Ladners confidence in mining prospects and erecting buildings in association
Columbia River Developments
Americans Slam Kootenay Mines : Article stating how American newspaper slammed the Kootenay mines for taxing American prospectors tr
Americans Slam Kootenay Mines
The Blackfoot Country : Newspaper article with first hand account from miner who while travelling met Snake Indians who thre
The Blackfoot Country
The Blackfoot Mines : An article with accounts from miners out of the Blackfoot region. One miner describes the richest an
The Blackfoot Mines
Big Bend Route : Newspaper article with Letter to the Editor from Alex. C. Anderson stating his opinion of the variou
Big Bend Route
Big Bend Boat : Newspaper article stating BC Government has given contract for steamer to be built for Kamloops Lake
Big Bend Boat
Big Bend Travel : Article stating Big Bend to be the most extensive, as well as least expensive mines yet opened in BC
Big Bend Travel
Columbia River Diggings : Newspaper article with Major Francis describing findings, mining conditions and route to Columbia Ri
Columbia River Diggings
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