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Cranbrook City Council : Cranbrook City Council attends to routine business transactions, with remarkable feature of a ratepa
Cranbrook City Council
Cranbrook Rotary : Cranbrook Rotary Club hold weekly luncheon meeting with speech on the great importance of community
Cranbrook Rotary
Auto Safety : Urging drivers to have more care crossing train tracks with many examples of accidents due to carele
Auto Safety
City Council Report : Regular meeting of Cranbrook City Council dealing with payments of bills, update on utilities and ex
City Council Report
Cranbrook Possibilities : Letter to the editor from a visitor to Cranbrook who advises the city to enhance the appearance of t
Cranbrook Possibilities
Cranbrook Theatres : Cranbrook's Auditorium held a dance, now has a roller rink and upcoming vaudeville artists, and Edis
Cranbrook Theatres
Kootenay Central : Fort Steele red letter day with the arrival of the first regular passenger train over Kootenay Centr
Kootenay Central
War Veterans : Cranbrook War Veterans hold meeting to elect officers and set regular meetings for the new organizat
War Veterans
City Council Report : Cranbrook City Council monthly meeting proved to be a lengthy session dealing with continuing freezi
City Council Report
New Government Building : Cranbrooks' Board of Trade secretary was instructed to call the attention of the minister of finance
New Government Building
Pool and Philpot : All is in readiness for grand opening of Cranbrook Gyro swimming pool opening, regatta and midway.
Pool and Philpot
Letter Of Complaint : Letter to editor asking for a "life saver" to take over care of Cranbrooks' new swimming pool after
Letter Of Complaint
Board Of Trade Petitions : Cranbrook Board of Trade asks permission to erect welcome arches on main highway at either end of ci
Board Of Trade Petitions
Sons Of Freedom Letter : Letter to editor from Sons of Freedom refuting an article saying they are tired of working for the C
Sons Of Freedom Letter
Cranbrook Gyros : Cranbrook Gyros welcome District Governor and Lieutenant-Governor, and form committee to put on prod
Cranbrook Gyros
Aunt Lucia Committee : Cranbrook Gyro welcomes newly elected District Governor and Lieutenant-Governor, name committee for
Aunt Lucia Committee
Gyro Pool Letter : Letter to editor thanking Cranbrook Gyros for their swimming pool and the amount of pleasure the cit
Gyro Pool Letter
Sanca Townsite : Newspaper
Sanca Townsite
Council Business : Newspaper
Council Business
Electrical Plant : Electric lights proposed for Kaslo.
Electrical Plant
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