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St. Eugene Hospital : Advertisement for contractor and builder who states currently building the new St. Eugene Hospital.
St. Eugene Hospital
Hospital Lighting : Article reporting on the completion of wiring for lights at the new hospital building.
Hospital Lighting
Dr. King : Article reporting on second operation performed on patient by Dr. King. Patient, despite his years
Dr. King
St. Eugene Hospital : Patient who has spent many weeks in the hospital after losing his leg will soon be released.
St. Eugene Hospital
Ill At Hospital : Article reporting on the illness of Dr. Green requiring hospital stay.
Ill At Hospital
St. Eugene Hospital : Reporting on young lady just released from St. Eugene's hospital after a bout of measles.
St. Eugene Hospital
James Forrest : Article reporting James Forrest having been injured in Banff, is back in Cranbrook.
James Forrest
St. Eugene Hospital : Newspaper reporting on local man falling from the roof to the ground during construction of the new
St. Eugene Hospital
Fort Steele Hospital : The annex to the hospital in Fort Steele is nearing completion.
Fort Steele Hospital
Hospital Notice : Upcoming elections of Trustees in local area hospitals.
Hospital Notice
Cranbrook Brewery Fire : Total loss at local brewery caused by fire, with circumstances pointing to being of incendiary origi
Cranbrook Brewery Fire
Joseph Campbell Ill : Reporting J. Campbell in hospital with the grippe.
Joseph Campbell Ill
N.C. McKinstry Blood Poisoning : N.C. McKinstry in very serious condition in hospital from blood poisoning from a severely cut thumb.
N.C. McKinstry Blood Poisoning
Chapel Wedding : Marriage of LeBastard and Lemoigne at the chapel of the St. Eugene Hospital.
Chapel Wedding
Byng Hotel : Fire damages west wing of Byng Hotel, almost costing the life of female occupant.
Byng Hotel
Death Notice : Body of missing man found near town.
Death Notice
Corbin Strike : Corbin strike sends 42 people to hospital, with one constable slugged with a hammer who may die.
Corbin Strike
Corbin Strike : Judge in Corbin case ask rioters who they think they were fighting besides men like themselves tryin
Corbin Strike
Cranbrook Autoists : Comings and goings of Cranbrook citizens and their visitors.
Cranbrook Autoists
Driving Accident : After a long journey through the states without a bit of trouble, local party meet with mishap withi
Driving Accident
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