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Cranbrook Central School Report : Newspaper article with exam results and attendance record of the Central School in Cranbrook.
Cranbrook Central School Report
Cranbrook Music Students : Congratulates teacher on the success of her two pupils.
Cranbrook Music Students
Cranbrook School Report : Newspaper article of Cranbrook's Central School attendance record and exam scores.
Cranbrook School Report
Kootenay Orchards School : Acknowledging group photo of students wearing Indian war bonnets.
Kootenay Orchards School
Salary Increase Granted Principal : Coverage of the Cranbrook School Board meeting, discussion of increased budgets.
Salary Increase Granted Principal
Cranbrook Teachers Pay Increase : Coverage of the requested pay increase for teachers of Central, South Ward and Kootenay Orchard scho
Cranbrook Teachers Pay Increase
Central School Report : Newspaper article listing the attendance record and exam marks for students, month of November.
Central School Report
Van Braam : The arrangements for lessons for Piano, Music Theory and Dancing (ballroom and fancy).
Van Braam
Cranbrook School Report : Reproduction of March Cranbrook school report with attendance and exam marks listed for Central Sch
Cranbrook School Report
Teacher Resignations : Discussing the proposed salaries for teachers at Central school, as well as the resignations of some
Teacher Resignations
School Report : The list of students with promotion exams.
School Report
Schools Open : Cranbrook schools ready to open with all departments vacancies filled.
Schools Open
School Expansion : Two propositions being voted on for the expansion of the school.
School Expansion
School Report : Reporting the grades for students in November.
School Report
School History : Reminiscing about the progress of the school in Cranbrook, from working out of a building to present
School History
Second School Opened : Reporting on Cranbrook's second school being opened.
Second School Opened
Mrs. Costigan : Advertising piano/organ teacher.
Mrs. Costigan
Golden Public School : Reporting on the reopening of Golden Public School after holidays with a new instructor.
Golden Public School
Women Conquer Mount Evans : First hand account from the first two women that conquered Mount Evans.
Women Conquer Mount Evans
Cranbrook Recalled : Early events of Cranbrook history read at literary meeting, including a time when there were only 5
Cranbrook Recalled
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