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Returned from Toronto : Dr. Watt returned to Fort Steele after visit to Toronto.
Returned from Toronto
Reverend Hall - Speaker : Upcoming speech at local church by one of the best speakers and debaters in B.C.
Reverend Hall - Speaker
Shoemaker : Local shoemaker leaving town and is asking all with work still in shop to come and collect it, and a
St. Patricks Day : Citizens awaiting legislation be passed by the Dominion House to make St. Patrick's a national holid
St. Patricks Day
St. Patricks Day : Window display for St. Patricks Day featuring The Harp of Erin and the motto "Old Ireland".
St. Patricks Day
Joseph Campbell Ill : Reporting J. Campbell in hospital with the grippe.
Joseph Campbell Ill
C.E. Reid, Druggist : C.E. Reid & Co. guarantees their bulk seeds to be fresh and true to name.
C.E. Reid, Druggist
Cosmopolitan Hotel : Cosmopolitan dining room and upstairs rooms are getting worked on by decorators and painters.
Cosmopolitan Hotel
C.P.R. Equipment : F. Wort to have charge of big steam shovel for the C.P.R.
C.P.R. Equipment
Ben Huckle : Local prospector leaving for Ashcroft area on a mission for mineral, agricultural lands and locating
Ben Huckle
May Day : Asking for a celebration be held for the children during May Day, with a May pole and crowning of a
May Day
Methodist Church : Great success of Easter services at Methodist church, filled to the doors.
Methodist Church
Presbyterian And Methodist Churches : Emmanuel executive thanking for use of local churches and also members who took part in the oratorio
Presbyterian And Methodist Churches
Knox Presbyterian : Easter Services at Presbyterian Church was among the most enjoyable ever held in Cranbrook.
Knox Presbyterian
Presbyterian Church : Reporting marriage of a St. Eugene Mine employee to a lady from Leduc, Alberta.
Presbyterian Church
Pat Quirk : Fort Steele oldest timer, 83 years old, visited Cranbrook.
Pat Quirk
W.F. Tate : Optician stating modern science enables us to give perfect vision to nearly all who see.
W.F. Tate
Joe Walsh : Provincial Constable from Fort Steele attending business in Cranbrook in connection with his departe
Joe Walsh
Cleanliness By-Law : Newspaper public notice under health by-law, stating all owners, tenants and occupants of lands, hou
Cleanliness By-Law
C.E. Reid & Company : Arrival of fishing tackle, flies, landing nets, etc....."everything needed for a fisherman".
C.E. Reid & Company
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