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Cranbrook Recalled : Early events of Cranbrook history read at literary meeting, including a time when there were only 5
Cranbrook Recalled
EK Voter List : Revised voters list shows increase in voters in Kootenay East.
EK Voter List
Moyie Autoists : Comings and going of Moyie residents and visitors, with note of surveying for paved highway three mi
Moyie Autoists
Moyie Mining Claims : Spokane native in Cranbrook to check out some mining claims south of Moyie.
Moyie Mining Claims
R.A. Smith of Moyie : Postmaster, leading merchant and general factotum of Moyie visits Cranbrook.
R.A. Smith of Moyie
Moyie Brewery : Moyie Brewery denying report he sold his brewery, and wishes to remind friends and patrons they have
Moyie Brewery
Rod & Gun Report On Hatchery : Special meeting of Rod and Gun Club hears report on local fish hatchery, which was deemed a success
Rod & Gun Report On Hatchery
Elephant Stampede : Remembering the 11 elephants that stampeded through Cranbrook after being freightened by a freight e
Elephant Stampede
Italian Violence : Newspaper article urge for stricter gun control and more searches on Italians for concealed weaponsa
Italian Violence
Railway Violence : Newspaper article trial of man accused of murdering his friend and fellow countryman could not be de
Railway Violence
Babylon Mine : While tunneling for ore body at Babylon Mine, an unexpected vein was uncovered which looks to yield
Babylon Mine
East Kootenay Roads : Load of laborers for rock work at Moyie delayed due to road conditions to Cranbrook.
East Kootenay Roads
Pieper : Mr. Pieper returned to Moyie City to complete unfinished work painting and paperhanging, after which
Crows Nest Pass Railway : Newspaper excerpt from Kuskanook Searchlight - railway contractor passed through Kuskanook with 75
Crows Nest Pass Railway
Moyie City : Moyie Leader noting ongoing building boom and other interesting items going on in Moyie City.
Moyie City
Crows Nest Construction : Newspaper excerpt Wardner International - ongoing notes on railway construction and steady inpouring
Crows Nest Construction
A. E. Watts : Liverpool man who spent last year in Fort Steele district will be coming back to area with syndicate
A. E. Watts
Cranbrook Notes : Comings and goings of residents and visitors in Cranbrook.
Cranbrook Notes
Golden Age Mine : Railway construction workers uncover ten inches of solid galena while working on a right of way thro
Golden Age Mine
Cranbrook Booming : Newspaper advertisement - Cranbrook booming and will boom even more once railway is completed as the
Cranbrook Booming
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