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Board Of Trade : Cranbrook Board of Trade disappointed in their local business men for lack of interest in the goings
Board Of Trade
The Fighting Irish : One soldier's account of being saved from 2000 Germans by a force of 500 Irish Rangers, singing as t
The Fighting Irish
Lorraine Adair : Newspaper excerpt Spokane Chronicle - letter from a soldier in France to his mother asking for tobac
Lorraine Adair
Cranbrook Lake : Follow-up of the article regarding filling a lake south of Cranbrook with water from Moyie has an an
Cranbrook Lake
Cranbrook Lake : Newspaper excerpt Moyie Leader - letter to their editor from Fort Steele doctor urging them to prote
Cranbrook Lake
Cranbrook Lake : Letter to Cranbrook Herald offering quote on pipe to siphon water from Moyie Lake to proposed site i
Cranbrook Lake
Cranbrook Hotel : Unsolicited letter of praise from owner of Cranbrook hotel, V. Hyde Baker, for their work on install
Cranbrook Hotel
Christmas At Imperial Hotel : Hotels of Cranbrook celebrated Christmas with their boarders and guests with magnificent decorations
Christmas At Imperial Hotel
City Council : Detailing regular monthly meeting of Cranbrook's City Council dealing with things from war memorial
City Council
Armistice Day Holiday : G.W.V.A. interviewed members of Cranbrook School Board with a request to make Armistice Day a school
Armistice Day Holiday
Peck Swears Off : Newspaper excerpt Nelson Daily News - carrying a poem of former staff member of Ymir Mirror with his
Peck Swears Off
Wentworth : Newspaper receives letter from Mr. Wentworth, who is reading proof at the Spokane Spokesman-Review,
Support for Park : Letter to Cranbrook City Council from a Cranbrook citizen urging them to proceed with a public park
Support for Park
Park & Pool : Cranbrook City Council had a long regular monthly meeting dealing with park and pool by-law, cost of
Park & Pool
Michael Phillipps : Fruitland Orchards owner gets interviewed as the first person to lay out commercial orchards in the
Michael Phillipps
Mineral Record : Record of mineral locations in Fort Steele district.
Mineral Record
City Council Report : Cranbrook City Council deals with four delegations as well as regular meeting items to make for a lo
City Council Report
GWVA Monument Unveiling : Cranbrook City Council receives notice from G.W.V.A. that they would be unveiling the city war memor
GWVA Monument Unveiling
City Council : Cranbrook City Council meeting with a delegation from Slaterville asking for a firm response on the
City Council
War Widow Robertson : Letter to the Editor from Cranbrook's only war widow since September 8, 1916 replies to many inquiri
War Widow Robertson
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