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New Cranbrook Hospital 1968
New Cranbrook Hospital 1968
St. Eugene Hospital - Graduating Class 1936
St. Eugene Hospital - Graduating Class 1936
No. 5 Canadian General Hospital
No. 5 Canadian General Hospital
Cariboo Literary Institute : Article re: letter from their correspondent in Barkerville. Miners meeting to debate during long win
Cariboo Literary Institute
Passing of Duncan Dewar : Newspaper article with the sad news of another Fort Steele old timer passing away.
Passing of Duncan Dewar
James Davis Passes Away : Newspaper article reporting on the passing away of BC Forest Service officer James Davis.
James Davis Passes Away
M.P. DeWolf Passed Away : Reporting the passing of well known lumberman M.P. DeWolf.
M.P. DeWolf Passed Away
To Big Bend : Newspaper article of the challenging trip from Victoria to Yale on the steamers. The cost of travel
To Big Bend
Serious Accident at Moyie Mine : Reporting on a serious accident at the Moyie Concentrator after employee falls into drive belt.
Serious Accident at Moyie Mine
Charles Howard : On the serious illness of Howard, proprietor of the Herald building.
Charles Howard
Mrs. W.S. Santo : Reporting on the death of a highly respected pioneer lady.
Mrs. W.S. Santo
Hatchery A Success : The successful hatching of eggs at trout hatchery.
Hatchery A Success
Funding Appeal : Requesting donations for local trout hatchery.
Funding Appeal
Auto Accident - Clapp : On a car accident occuring when one driver pulled over to let other car by and grade giving away. O
Auto Accident - Clapp
Cranbrook Brewery Fire : News article reporting that Cranbrook Brewing Company loses thousands of dollars in accidental fire.
Cranbrook Brewery Fire
Wardner Autoists : Reporting on trips motorists in Wardner area took and also reported on the disappointing turn out fo
Wardner Autoists
Council Reports : Minutes of council meeting, mostly dealing with idea of airport field being handed over to the city.
Council Reports
Central School Donations : Reporting donation given to St. Eugene Hospital's Childrens Ward by local students.
Central School Donations
Edwards Remembers 1885 : An interesting outlook on progress in our area over the last 14 years by one of the first settlers i
Edwards Remembers 1885
Cranbrook Hospital : Plans for new hospital are ready, and will soon be out for tenders.
Cranbrook Hospital
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