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Cranbrook Girls Track Team
Cranbrook Girls Track Team
50th Anniversary of the Laying of Steel
50th Anniversary of the Laying of Steel
Downtown Trail
Downtown Trail
Top of Sinclair Summit
Top of Sinclair Summit
Good News From Kootenais : Article with letter from Fort Colville featuring the Kootenay gold rush.
Good News From Kootenais
The Kootenais Mines : Newspaper article confirming gold mines in the Kootenays and the appointment of a Gold Commissioner
The Kootenais Mines
The Kootenais Mines : Article with letter from Rock Creek confirming exciting news about Kootenay mines. Lots of informat
The Kootenais Mines
The Kootanais Mines : Article discussing the richness of new mines being fully and satisfactorily established on Wild Hors
The Kootanais Mines
The Kootanais Mines : Newspaper article with a letter from Osoyoos Lake where miners have gone to record claims at Kootena
The Kootanais Mines
Official Report On Kootenay : Coverage of the official trip to Kootenay Country by Colonial Secretary Birch. A very complete desc
Official Report On Kootenay
The Kootenay Report : Article summarizing report of Mr. Birch, the Colonial Secretary of British Columbia, on the Kootenay
The Kootenay Report
Important from Kootenay and the "Big Bend" : Newspaper article with a letter from Fort Colville reporting on first rate diggings on upper Columbi
Important from Kootenay and the
Report from Wild Horse : Newspaper article featuring an extensive Gold Commissioner's Report from Wild Horse. Discusses numb
Report from Wild Horse
Kootenay Mines Report : Article with letters from various individuals with reports on the Kootenay Mines. Featured is a rep
Kootenay Mines Report
Latest from Kootenay and Columbia River : Newspaper article describing work on a new trail by Mr Dewdney, as well as mining conditions. Menti
Latest from Kootenay and Columbia River
From Columbia River : Newspaper article with a letter from Expressman Stone describing camp conditions and spirits of mine
From Columbia River
The Big Bend Country : Newspaper article with a letter from Fort Kamloops on conditions encountered reaching Big Bend Count
The Big Bend Country
Columbia River Chinese : Newspaper article describing how Chinese would rather work claims than earn money working on trail.
Columbia River Chinese
The Kootenay Mines : Newspaper report with a dispatch from Gold Commissioner O'Reilly on ongoing revenues from mines and
The Kootenay Mines
Columbia River Developments : Newspaper article on Mr Ladners confidence in mining prospects and erecting buildings in association
Columbia River Developments
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