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Planing Mill Destroyed : Article reporting on burning of probably the oldest planer mill buildings of their kind in the distr
Planing Mill Destroyed
December Report : Fire department report for December, including number of alarms and costs and usage required.
December Report
Golden Townsite : Detailing Golden to be the leading railway and mining town in East Kootenay, owners of townsite are
Golden Townsite
Spokane Mineral Exhibit : Upcoming Mineral Exhibit in Spokane, with The Miner hoping East Kootenay will get an exhibit togethe
Spokane Mineral Exhibit
Barr Ranch : Important land deal made, ranch with 640 acres purchased.
Barr Ranch
Cranbrook Airport : Change in effect for work schedule of operators at Cranbrook Airport.
Cranbrook Airport
Cranbrook the Best : Lethbridge Commissioner stating Cranbrook would soon have the best tourist camp on route.
Cranbrook the Best
Owner Uren At Council : Newspaper article after being prevailed upon to advance a sum of money for a first mortgage on old f
Owner Uren At Council
Favoured By Property Owners : Newspaper article Fort Steele property owners in favour of provincial government proposal to return
Favoured By Property Owners
Chinese Horror : Newspaper article the order to squatter to clear off from Nelson streets and alleys were enforced, b
Chinese Horror
East Kootenay Estimates : Victoria legislature presented with estimates for current year for upgrades and wages in East Kooten
East Kootenay Estimates
Cranbrook Notes : Noting ongoing constuction in Cranbrook and the heat wave it is experiencing, with mountain fires to
Cranbrook Notes
Baker Lumber Company : Notice given that Baker Lumber Co. applied for licence to take and use water out of Plumbob Creek.
Baker Lumber Company
Wycliffe Autoists : Comings and goings of Wycliffe residents and their visitors.
Wycliffe Autoists
Meeting of Provincial Board : Opening sessions of annual meeting for the advisory board of farmers institutes included East Kooten
Meeting of Provincial Board
Unemployed March : Cranbrook experienced its first "march of the unemployed", although 95 per cent of the men are not f
Unemployed March
Foundation Laid : Work on new Cranbrook schoolhouse progressing rapidly.
Foundation Laid
Government Offices : The government offices for East Kootenay, south division, moved from Fort Steele to Cranbrook May 19
Government Offices
Small Blaze in Laundry : Small blaze in the laundry at St. Eugene hospital, although didn't amount to anything, came as a war
Small Blaze in Laundry
Alberta Farm : Otis Staples Lumber Company of Wycliffe purchased 1600 acres of land in Vauxhall Alberta district an
Alberta Farm
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