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Ammonia Killer Pool : Reporting on one the mysteries of nature found in the Selkirks, a pool whose fumes bring death to ma
Ammonia Killer Pool
The Prospector : Reporting visit to The Herald by one of The Prospector editorial staff.
The Prospector
Fort Steele Mining Division : The mining district of East Kootenay is now sub-divided into a Northern District and a Southern Dist
Fort Steele Mining Division
The Prospector : A well-known mining man's views of the mining industry over a years time, how a prospector a year ag
The Prospector
Spokane Mineral Exhibit : Upcoming Mineral Exhibit in Spokane, with The Miner hoping East Kootenay will get an exhibit togethe
Spokane Mineral Exhibit
Prospector Moves To Cranbrook : Reporting on upcoming move of Fort Steele newspaper to Cranbrook as a rival to Herald.
Prospector Moves To Cranbrook
Basketball : Handsome basketball challenge cup can be seen in the window of donor W.H. Wilson.
Cranbrook Band : City band getting into fine shape, public to expect to hear them quite often.
Cranbrook Band
Cranbrook Dye Works : Cleaning, pressing and repairing from ladies and gents.
Cranbrook Dye Works
Cranbrook Electric Light : Urging Cranbrook citizens to look carefully into granting a franchise to Electric Light & Power Co.
Cranbrook Electric Light
Cranbrook Entertainment : Upcoming solos and choruses by the Sacred Oratorio Emmanuel, admission fee of 50 cents to go to Chil
Cranbrook Entertainment
Cranbrook Masons : Reporting on assemblies held in Mason Building.
Cranbrook Masons
Cranbrook Police : Local constable brought insane man down from Marysville, to be taken ot asylum at New Westminster.
Cranbrook Police
Cranbrook Schools : Fire alarm system installed in Public School building.
Cranbrook Schools
Hill & Company : Display window of Hill & Co. is an attraction to the ladies.
Hill & Company
Kingsgate : A number of carpenters went to Kingsgate to build a modern hotel.
Log Drives : Predicting high water on Kootenay river due to large amount of snow in mountains, thousands of feet
Log Drives
One Hundred Club : Reporting on meeting held with new general committee appointed.
One Hundred Club
Perry Creek : Gold-quartz prospector from Perry Creek in town purchasing supplies.
Perry Creek
Rev. and Brothers Reid : After visiting his brothers in town, reverend returned to Walla Walla.
Rev. and Brothers Reid
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